Hollywood Park Unveils Immersive LED Entertainment Facility

3 years ago, Hollywood ParkA stadium and multipurpose project in Inglewood, California.

As things progress, new tenant Cosm plans to add a giant LED dome display. Experimental and “immersive” mediaaccording to a press release.

“As part of Hollywood Park’s retail district, the venue is 26.6 meters [or just over 87-foot] A diameter LED dome on a total facility of 65,000 square feet that can accommodate up to 1,700 guests,” the release said. “Onsite programming will include live sports and entertainment, experiential events and content, immersive art, music and more.”

According to Cosm, Technology is capable of 8K visual resolution “Blurring the lines between ‘real’ and ‘rendered’ with live streams and real-time rendered content in virtual environments.”

This is not the company’s first installation. He has also created other projects, including a project at the University of Utah, his 2020 Olympics immersive feed for NBC, and a miniseries about Tokyo. However, this will be a dedicated permanent facility.

This concept is new in some ways, but it’s similar to other concepts happening in different fields. Using the digital display.

of New renovation of One Times Square Includes New York City’s 12-story branded visitor center. Public spaces will include five viewing zones “where animals roam and play in their natural habitat against the backdrop of the digital signage and buildings that make up Times Square.”

“Augmented reality is the future of entertainment, retail, advertising and the built environment,” said Jamestown President Michael Phillips. “Concrete Jungle expands and standardizes augmented reality experiences as a tool for enhancing engagement with the public. We can use it to improve.”

“Phase 1 of the Hollywood Park retail district is slated to open in Spring 2023 at 320,000 square feet for a total of 500,000 square feet,” said the release. “Hollywood Park will be a city within a city, with recreational outdoor parks as the social hub. , 300-room hotels, and up to 2,500 sophisticated new residences.The sprawling outdoor-oriented district intersects with 25 acres of tree-lined parks and open spaces, while the 6-acre Adjacent to man-made lake.

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