How a New Jersey resident turned his talents into a side business.

As ‘The Great Resignation’ gets talked about, New Jerseyers are no doubt taking advantage of job openings after retirement. According to his Investopedia in New Jersey, Caleb Silver said the labor market is recovering well in New Jersey.

“Job growth is very strong in leisure, hospitality and lodging, and that’s job growth,” Silver says.

Isabela Escobar graduated from Rutgers University in May with a degree in political science.

“I was unemployed as soon as I graduated,” says Escobar.

But she doesn’t let unemployment get in the way of her income. She turned her natural talent into multiple side jobs.

“If I’m good at something, I might get paid for it, so I’m growing the plants myself. I’ll dry them and make a bunch,” says Escobar.

Lisa Vitale co-owns BarterPays at Howell.

“BarterPays works like a modern business matchmaker,” says Vitale. “Instead of matching singles with other potential romantic interests, we match business her owners based on what one member wants to sell and what another member wants to buy. .”

Barter, she says, will certainly help the unemployed.

“We like to say that cash is king, but barter is queen,” says Vitale. “If you’re short on money and looking for a way to make money or get what you want or need, barter is a great go-to.”

Use your talents if you are interested in bartering. Think of the talents that are in demand and truly exchangeable. Remember that what is easy for you may be a hassle for someone else. Also, you should build your network as much as possible.

Escobar says he barters for produce at a community garden in New Brunswick. She promotes her own side gig band ‘speak easy’ on her Instagram and sells her products that way. She turned her hobby into cash.

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