How APM Monaco’s Fashion Jewelry Brand Resonates with American Buyers: Authentic Social Media Partnerships, Gen Z, and Jewelry Masculinity

Based on pre-pandemic American consumption trends, Americans of all ages are spending money to support brands that share similar ethical values. This is especially true for younger generations, with 85% of Gen Z in 2021 reporting that a brand’s social impact will be an important factor in their purchasing decisions, Newsweek reports. Millennials have continued to double down on e-commerce since the pandemic, but older buyers still prefer brick-and-mortar stores, according to McKinsey research. According to the same survey, online jewelry purchases have increased by 19% for him across all demographics. Now that the American economy is currently in a period of inflation, American consumers are more focused on finding quality products and services at fair pricing. Finally, American consumers continue to have the necessary conversations about creating a more equitable social environment for different genders, races and religions in all aspects of American life. has ample opportunity to find new brands that embody this mission.APM Monaco is already thriving in the Asian and European markets, with a focus on stylish unisex jewelery that fits every occasion. I was able to grow my fashion jewelry brand into the American market. Appealing to a wide variety of demographics and psychographics, the brand has cultivated consumer loyalty due to its diverse product roster and ability to capture authentic cultural moments on social media and beyond. APM Monaco entered the North American retail market five years ago (2017). With its strong international presence, APM Monaco quickly resonated with brand-savvy North American consumers. APM now connects with a broader consumer base in the region, with a repeat customer rate of 40-50% in the US and Canada. With brick-and-mortar stores in major cities in the United States and Canada, his APM Monaco presence is rapidly growing in the Western Hemisphere.

APM Monaco’s signature focus on stylish fashion jewelry has disrupted traditional jewelry consumption habits since its inception. As a leader in fashion jewelry, APM Monaco is known for creating designer quality jewelry at affordable prices with unmatched design versatility. Each month in the retail brand’s 10-year history, APM Monaco releases a new collection of 40-50 pieces containing themed pieces that suit the beach, dinner, red carpet and more. APM Monaco not only democratizes access to creative and stylish jewelery for all aspects of everyday life, not just for formal events, but is also a pioneer in the jewelery manufacturing industry. APM Monaco was actually founded in the 1980s to provide manufacturing resources to traditional French and European luxury jewelery brands. Today, APM uses its manufacturing expertise and resources to produce high-quality jewelry for retail brands. Instead of using gold, diamonds and other precious stones, APM Monaco uses more accessible components such as silver and zirconia stones using industry leading manufacturing infrastructure. Vertically integrated manufacturing processes and sustainable materials enable APM Monaco to produce creative, stylish, designer-quality jewelry in unparalleled volumes.

How APM Monaco's Fashion Jewelry Brand Resonates with American Buyers: Authentic Social Media Partnerships, Gen Z, and Jewelry Masculinity
APM Miami store

These APM Monaco brand features resonate with different segments of the American consumer demographic for different reasons. As Gen Z and millennials continue to increase their disposable incomes and try to put more money into the economy, they support brands that represent their values. With a commitment to a new and creative jewelry line, APM Monaco has inadvertently become a pioneer and an androgynous advocate for jewelry. With more styles accessible at more affordable prices, more and more men are finding his APM Monaco pieces that appeal to their fashion sense. As a more open understanding of gender norms and identity takes hold in the United States, APM Monaco’s unisex jewelry is opening up the jewelry market to new buyers. Across the store, men are letting their guard down and being playful with the variety of pieces APM offers, from pearls to earrings to his Yummy Bears for the brand’s 40th anniversary. APM Monaco is committed to bringing more life to this unisex jewelry moment. This trend allows APM Monaco’s designers to be bold with their assortment.

In addition to Gen Z and Millennial buyers flocking to APM Monaco for its jewelry’s sustainable nature, unisex options, and commitment to the creative process, APM Monaco is a darling of the consumer journey. At each stage of the process, we are sympathizing with our buyers. Older buyers of designer jewelry and aspiring young buyers alike benefit from APM’s many stylish options, fair prices, and brick-and-mortar stores. While APM has a thriving e-commerce component to its business, APM’s physical stores further facilitate the brand’s ability to connect with different buyer segments. This is especially true as APM Monaco grows its brand in the US. More traditional and conservative buyers resonate with his APM stores. The brand emphasizes the same attention to detail that its retail jewelery is known for, creating an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. Traditional buyers can feel confident in APM Monaco’s commitment to quality and selection of discreet options, without being put off by the price. Also, spontaneous and playful buyers can sample the brand’s industry-leading varieties. APM Monaco is currently active in markets in New York, California and Florida, with stores in major cities in other states. The brand also plans to further expand its retail footprint across the United States to include Texas as a key market. Beyond their ability to connect with people, they have a unique ability to drive meaningful cultural moments through fashion jewellery. The APM Monaco team is acutely aware that coercive and inauthentic social media moments can damage a brand’s image. To this point, APM Monaco has brilliantly drawn the line between collaborating with jewelry-focused influencers (who receive co-signatures from trusted voices in the industry) and collaborating with other types of influencers. Step by step, it shows how fashion jewelry intersects with other interests and the lives of the average person. In general, influencers outside the jewelery world are excited about fashion jewellery, as it is becoming a unisex fashion option. Influencers in skateboarding, dance, mental health, music, comedy, beauty, and more have not only incorporated their content into their daily lives. For example, APM Monaco jewelry is featured casually and prominently in her famous influencer Nikki Tutorials’ various makeup tutorials. Nikki Tutorials wears her APM Monaco earrings over her ears and teaches viewers how to apply the latest makeup trends for her. Chief Her Creative Her Officer Her Kika Prette has a very good understanding of the power of social media and its cultural nuances, which is why she draws inspiration from influencers and popular events for her large-scale social media campaigns. We are committed to fostering full-fledged partnerships with

How APM Monaco's Fashion Jewelry Brand Resonates with American Buyers: Authentic Social Media Partnerships, Gen Z, and Jewelry Masculinity
Celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary with the collection Yummie

Recently, APM Monaco partnered with French Youtuber and influencer Lena Mahfouf (aka Lena Situations) for another rendition of their popular project Lena Around The World, a weekend trip to Mykonos. While many are vacationing in a luxurious Mediterranean summer oasis, Lena traveled with her boyfriend to Mykonos, visited APM Monaco her store, ate an apéro at a local gem, and took a boat trip. Went to Delos and stayed in a luxury villa. Lena was accompanied by her boyfriend, who modeled the pieces almost as much as she did, so the trip is about how APM Monaco is opening up conversations about jewelry’s androgynous and unisex pieces. APM Monaco has worked with Lena many times, most recently with influencers and Thylane Blondeau at the APM Monaco Grand Prix.

How APM Monaco's Fashion Jewelry Brand Resonates with American Buyers: Authentic Social Media Partnerships, Gen Z, and Jewelry Masculinity
“Lena Around the World” in Mykonos

Outside of Europe, APM Monaco connected with American consumers during Coachella, the country’s most popular music festival. With Coachella already garnering a culture of vibrant fashion choices and playful accessories, the festival is the perfect setting for fashion-his jewelry innovator to make a name for himself in America. Last year, the APM Monaco festival and meteorite collection was fully exhibited by the festival participants. From colorful statement pieces to stackable components to classic designs, APM Monaco has jewelry for every festival style.

Interestingly, APM Monaco has emerged as a favorite of many costume and set designers in film and television as well. Recently, APM Monaco’s jewelry was displayed organically and prominently in the second season of Netflix’s Emily in Paris. With this jewelry featured in multiple episodes and worn by his character, APM Monaco’s brand skyrocketed in relevance and awareness. Further contributing to this moment is that many of the Emily in Paris actors continued to wear jewelry as part of the press junkets promoting the season. Many viral clips from the second season and press tour included APM Monaco jewelry.

How APM Monaco's Fashion Jewelry Brand Resonates with American Buyers: Authentic Social Media Partnerships, Gen Z, and Jewelry Masculinity
APM Monaco’s “Emily in Paris”

Of course, APM Monaco has big plans for every major fashion week, from New York to Paris to Milan to London. With the brand’s overall mission to grow its customer base in the US, he expects his APM Monaco event during New York Fashion Week to be a “must see.” While no formal plans have yet been finalized, APM Monaco will continue its Fashion Week tradition of honoring the stylists who make the week’s grandeur possible. and we plan to demonstrate this appreciation at a large dinner event. By building a deeper connection with the brand, expect the industry’s top stylist to wear his APM Monaco jewelry to more American celebrities in the near future. For more information on the brand’s industry-leading assortment and US stores, please visit the APM Monaco website.

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