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Elmira, NY (WETM) – The calendar is full of national days, but today, August 26th, is International Dog Day. You’re not alone in discovering that being around your four-legged friend can make you feel calm and happy.

A recent study found that people who spent time with a therapy dog ​​while in the emergency room reported less pain afterwards. The results aren’t surprising to her PsyD Jane Manno, a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic. “Physically, being in close proximity to an animal releases positive neurotransmitters in the brain,” Dr. Manno said. “Studies show serotonin and dopamine, so it has a biological component. It lowers blood pressure and reduces the stress hormone cortisol.”

Dr. Manno says humans seem to have a strong emotional bond with dogs, not just physical ones. Especially if you’re feeling anxious or depressed. She said that in some cases, if a patient is experiencing such mental health problems, she recommends getting a dog. It goes without saying that dogs love unconditionally, so there is no judgment.

Dr. Manno said if you can’t have your own dog, you can always consider volunteering at a shelter instead. I do things for people, meet people, and spend time with animals.

Yes, there are many benefits, especially if someone is in isolation all the time,” she pointed out. She said it’s important to set aside the time and resources to care for your pet. She also discourages getting an animal if you live in an unstable home.

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