How he paved the way as a real estate leader

Roman Balandin is a broker and owner of Roman Balandin Realty, a well-known real estate firm in New Jersey. Customer satisfaction comes first. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University in 2002. As a result of his extensive skills in internet marketing, he has influenced how brokerage work is conducted and the value he provides to his agents.

In fact, the real estate business has undergone a major transformation as a result of technological advances that have occurred in recent decades. If real estate teams and brokers don’t pay attention to new technological developments and find ways to integrate these trends into their day-to-day operations, they miss out on the potential to stay ahead of the competition. Roman Balandin has over 13 years of experience in this field and can quickly understand all these different variables. As for his expansion of his real estate company, Roman Balandin Realty, specific tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, analytics software and accountability programs have all been incorporated. Additionally, the real estate sector is moving towards forming partnerships and using a team-based organizational model. Teams that are effectively formed like theirs with a high volume of business tend to attract more attention and ultimately capture a larger overall market share.

“In particular, we have included technologies for customer relationship management, artificial intelligence, analytics and accountability tools into our overall business model. Given the current market outlook and the impact of rising interest rates and inflation on the housing market, we expect a slowdown in the housing market, especially in urban and large cities. , suburbs a short drive or train ride from metropolitan areas could attract new buyers who are leaving the city because of the rising cost of living,” Balandin adds.

All great teams know how to make the most of their players’ strengths, and the team of Roman Balandin Realty is no exception. Balandin has a deep understanding of luxury branding and the challenges of dealing with high-profile clients due to his many years of successful work in the real estate industry. However, his fiercely competitive spirit and unwavering commitment to growth, which may seem quiet and laid-back at first, make him stand out in the eyes of his colleagues. He pays close attention to customer requirements and is adept at taking confidentiality needs seriously.

Because of the way Balandin structured the company and his team, the team of 11 agents has completed 218 deals, representing more than $114 million in 2021 transaction volume. production team. Now, in 2022, he has 16 agents and over 300 transactions he predicts will close between 150 million and 170 million. In addition, 80% of the team is in the first year of the real estate industry. Realizing that this structure is scalable and that the goal is to continue to grow, Balandin has very lofty goals that they can undoubtedly achieve in the years to come.

Roman Balandin Realty is a premier real estate firm supporting both residential and commercial clients on the sell and buy sides of real estate transactions. It’s no surprise that selling your own home can be a daunting task. There are advertisements to plan and budget for, open houses and previews to arrange, purchase offers to negotiate, contractual contingencies to worry about, and complex paperwork to fill out. Roman Balandin Realty’s mission is to make your life simpler by putting the sale of your property in the competent hands of our team of experienced real estate professionals. has significant expertise in and is adept at presenting a home in a way that highlights its most desirable features.

Plus, because they act as your buyer’s agent, the process of finding a new home is much less difficult and more productive than if you did it all yourself. community, assist in making budget decisions, and help prioritize a list of key qualities you want in your next home purchase. Finding and limiting the homes they show to the most likely ones saves a lot of time. For Balandin, it’s important for his customers to come out on top, and he does this by providing them with information about posts that haven’t been published yet.

Finally, Balandin’s goal as a leader is for everyone to thrive and enjoy their work. If an employee or agent approaches him for guidance or mentoring, he does so without hesitation. The ultimate goal is for Roman Balandin Realty to become a recognized brand, trusted partner and undisputed market share winner in the New Jersey real estate industry. ( sauce: Nexenco )

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