How to Bid in Oakland County’s First Virtual Foreclosure Auction

How to Bid in Oakland County’s First Virtual Foreclosure Auction

(Oakland County, July 15, 2022)

Oakland County, Michigan – Oakland County Treasurer Robert Wittenberg announced the first title-check virtual tax foreclosure property auction with 374 properties available on August 12, 2022 at Previously, the auction was known as the Oakland County Land Sale Auction.

Oakland County Treasurer Robert Wittenberg said, “We are excited to introduce the Virtual Tax Foreclosure Property Auction in Oakland County, providing taxpayers with more public access, increased transparency and operational efficiency at no cost. “Communities are strengthened and revitalized when foreclosed properties are reimagined or developed into housing, public spaces and community gardens.”

To participate in the Virtual Tax Foreclosure Property Auction, new bidders must register for a free user account and submit a credit card pre-authorization before bidding on Credit card pre-authorizations are valid for 30 days.

Advance Bid – Bids can be placed, modified, and removed, beginning thirty (30) days prior to the posted auction start time and ending at 10:00 AM on the posted auction date. Active bidding begins at 10:00 am on the auction day posted and continues until 7:00 pm that night. During an active bid, you can place new or increased bids, but you cannot remove or lower your bids. Winning bidders will receive an email notification with payment and required documents after bidding is closed.

Marty Spalding, General Manager of Tax-Sale.Info said: “Auctioning state tax delinquent property … often habitually delinquent … to use it productively and reduce the burden on local operating budgets. We strive to educate prospects and ensure that the bidding process is accessible and transparent.”

The Oakland County Treasurer provides direct public access to computers during business hours from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. No reservations or proof of residency required. For bidders without Internet access, Title Check also offers a telephone bidding system by calling (800) 259-7470.

For more information, visit, call the Oakland County Treasurer at (248) 858-0611, or email [email protected].

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