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W.Whether boiled, barbecued, or roasted, used corncobs are flavorful and can be used to make corncob ice cream, soups, gumbo, risotto, or grains such as rice, quinoa, and polenta. Cook. It can also be used in place of wood chips for smoking meat.

Corn cob stock is particularly sweet, fragrant and intense, perfect for taking all kinds of dishes to the next level. is a one-pot meal. Sancocho de Polo: To make a meal for 4, boil 4 chicken thighs in 1 liter of stock made from the cores you saved in the freezer the last time you ate corn. Add fresh corn cobs diced, sliced ​​onion, 2 diced sweet potatoes, chopped cilantro, and after an hour, when everything is tender, it’s ready.

stock of corn

Spent corn cobs have so much flavor that you just don’t want to waste them. A simple stock extracts the remaining nutrients and can be served simply as a soup or upcycled into a variety of delicious dishes. Use a cooker or pressure cooker.

used corn cob
vegetable trimming
– Celery bottoms, pea pods, carrot tops, skins, herb stalks, onion skins, etc.
chicken bone (option)

Place the used corn cobs in a pot that fits snugly. Add any other vegetable trimmings and scraps you have on hand, and some chicken bones if using, and cover with water. Turn off heat and let stand until cool, strain and cool. Use within 1 week. You can add seasonings to make soups, or make a number of corn-flavored dishes.

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