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When Madison Cross’ father Huck fell ill many years ago, he couldn’t eat bread or sugar, and his family began making juices and smoothies to help him feel better. A healthy diet allowed him to feel his best and he continued with a naturopathic approach in addition to Western medicine.

“He tried using traditional medicine, but it didn’t work,” said Cross. “He always felt great when he drank juices and smoothies. That’s what our recipes are based on.”

Huck eventually died of an illness, but Cross and her husband and business partner Kyle opened Hux Place at Stumptown Marketplace on Spokane Avenue in downtown Whitefish about four years ago. Carrying on a healthy legacy.

“We wanted our own store from the beginning,” says Cross. “We moved there, set up two menu boards and started from there.”

Avocado Toast at Huck’s Place Ginger Brew and Juice Bar in downtown Whitefish on May 6, 2022.flat head beacon
Hux Place Ginger Brew and Juice Bar in downtown Whitefish on May 6, 2022.flat head beacon

After the Marketplace closed, they moved to a new location on Central Avenue last year, renovating the space and opening their own store, with artists painting Italian-themed murals on the interior and hacks on the walls. was drawn. Almost as soon as they moved in, they started a family and now have two daughters, her 2-year-old Grace and her 5-month-old Eloise.

Huck’s Place is family-centered, inspired by your favorite recipes, and helped in construction by your uncle.

“My uncle helped us build this and come up with an Italian theme, and then we started adding lots of family favorites,” says Cross of the juice bar interior. talked about

Cross has inherited his father’s favorite juice and smoothie recipes in his new juice bar and restaurant, which also serves breakfast and lunch, coffee, gelato, baked goods, and takeaway items.

Huck’s Special consists of coconut milk, kale, spinach, banana, pineapple, avocado, and honey, and the restaurant offers several other all-organic, dairy-free smoothies.

“We have no added sugar and everything is plant-based,” said Cross.

To continue the theme of food as medicine, local cancer survivors have created their own recipe called Hux called Natalie’s Survivor with almond milk, spinach, banana, mixed berries, flaxseed, spirulina, cinnamon and almond butter. I also shared a smoothie recipe.

Fruit smoothie cups at Huck’s Place Ginger Brew and Juice Bar in downtown Whitefish on May 6, 2022.flat head beacon
A mural depicting Huck, the father of co-owner Madison Cross, inside the Hux Place Ginger Brew and Juice Bar in Whitefish, May 6, 2022.flat head beacon

“We make it too because it’s the smoothie she says helped her, but it’s a pretty popular one,” Cross said.

Huck’s Refreshing Juices are deliciously concentrated forms of vitamins and minerals with a focus on roots, vegetables, turmeric and fresh fruit. Many customers also regularly order the Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne and Turmeric Gut He Cleanse. The store also has a miniature version of a colon cleanse called the Lava Kick Shot, which has ginger, lemon, and cayenne pepper.

Huck liked to brew beer, so Cross added ginger beer to the menu as another ode to his father, made with lemon, ginger, filtered water, vanilla beans and sugar cane. She also adds other flavors like habanero, strawberry rhubarb, lime, and raspberry to make it a delicious cocktail mixer, too. increase.

Huck’s Place originally started with just smoothies and juices, but since moving to a new location on Central Avenue, manager Racheal Broom has introduced a coffee bar. Coffee drinks include lattes, cappuccinos, chai and matcha brewed with illy coffee bean syrup from Italy, and cold he brews that flow from illy machines.

Madison Cross and Kyle Duty, owners of Huck’s Place Ginger Brew and Juice Bar in downtown Whitefish, are pictured with their children Grace and Eloise at the business May 6, 2022.flat head beacon

Cross added gelato to the menu, continuing the store’s Italian theme with a variety of flavors sourced from a Salt Lake City distributor who imports ingredients from Italy.

“My parents traveled to Italy together and loved it,” Cross said. “They had gelato together. We try to base the menu on their favorite flavors.”

However, not all items on the menu require straws and spoons. Breakfast items include farm-fresh eggs with farm-to-market ham, bacon, or sausage, or focaccia bread sandwiches on bagels or his Wich Haus. Lunch includes paninis, soups, salads, and vegetarian options.

“We just want to be a family-friendly restaurant,” said Cross.

Huck’s Place is open 7 days a week during the summer from 8am to 6pm Sunday and Monday, 8am to 8pm Tuesday to Thursday, and 8am to 10pm Friday and Saturday doing.

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