HUD Awarded $41.3 Million in Housing Counseling Grants

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August 24, 2022

$41.3M in HUD AWARDS Housing Counseling Grants

The award provides a second year of funding for a critical housing counseling service and continues to support the professional development of housing counselors nationwide.

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Housing Counseling announced today that it has awarded $41.3 million in grants to support critical services performed by U.S. housing counselors. The award includes 173 HUD-approved local housing counseling agencies, national and regional organizations, multistate organizations, and state housing finance companies that were granted grants under government agencies on September 18, 2021. Includes a second year of housing counseling grants to institutions of $38.6 million. Housing Counseling Two-Year Blanket Notice of Financing Opportunity (NOFO). The Secretariat will also award an additional $2.75 million in second-year funding to six of his HUD-approved housing counseling agencies that received awards under the Office of Housing Counseling and Training NOFO on HUD November 2, 2021. was awarded.

“Today’s award provides critical funding to housing counseling agencies that provide critical services to individuals and families across the country.” Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commission Julia Gordon said: “Maintaining and funding a network of quality housing counseling resources through our housing counseling office is a key element in achieving HUD’s goals of reducing barriers and promoting housing equity. is.”

The funds will continue to support critical housing counseling services performed by these agencies, including pre-purchase homebuyer counseling, foreclosure prevention counseling, renter eviction counseling, and disaster recovery counseling.

“As the country recovers from the pandemic, we will use this second year of funding to help HUD-approved housing counseling agencies do their part, including helping families maintain housing security. We are happy to offer it.” said Deputy Assistant Secretary of Housing Counseling David Berenbaum..

The $2.75 million grant awarded today under the Office of Housing Counseling and Training NOFO will support the education and training of housing counselors. This includes training to provide housing counseling services to seniors seeking reverse mortgages under the Federal Housing Administration’s Home Equity Convertible Mortgage (HECM) program and training. We will help you pass the HUD Housing Counselor Certification Exam. $302,500 of these funds will issue training scholarships to students at historically black colleges and universities, tribal colleges and universities, and other minority service institutions enrolled in housing counseling workforce development programs. Specially awarded to two Recipient Organizations.

About HUD Certified Housing Counseling Center

HUD-accredited housing counselors offer services for all your housing counseling needs. These services include assessing homebuying readiness and assisting homebuyers in navigating the homebuying process, finding affordable rental housing, providing financial literacy training to individuals and families; This includes providing anti-foreclosure counseling. In addition to providing counseling to homeowners and renters, HUD-approved housing counseling agencies support emergency preparedness and disaster recovery efforts, help homeless people find transitional housing, Help seniors decide if HECM or other reverse mortgages make sense for them.

To find a HUD-accredited housing counseling agency, visit HUD’s online locator or call (800) 569-4287 to use our interactive phone locator service.

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