HUD awards over $65 million to support equitable housing

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced two separate awards for the common goal of promoting housing equality for all.

HUD has awarded $25 million to 181 public housing agencies (PHAs) experiencing or at risk of experiencing financial shortfalls. With HUD’s investment, known as the “Public Housing Operating Fund Shortfall” fund, provided by the Fiscal Year 2022 Consolidated Appropriations Act, PHA will provide services to residents as they take steps to ensure long-term financial solvency. can continue to provide

“Public housing agencies, like others, have been affected by the financial turmoil caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” said Domink Blom, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing at HUD. I’m here. “Supporting PHAs in this way is essential to serving HUD households. so that we can take action.”

A shortfall PHA awardee is defined as having less than three months of operating expenses withheld. While PHAs of various sizes may be eligible to receive funding, HUD is interested in the ability of small and very small PHAs to generate resources to complement their social housing programs. Therefore, we prioritized these PHAs in the distribution of funds.

To ensure that PHAs receiving shortfall funding take appropriate steps to ensure long-term financial solvency, HUD will conduct additional oversight of all PHAs receiving funding under this category. In addition, HUD has identified and notified PHAs of recommended actions they can take to improve their financial performance. PHAs receiving Shortfall funding are required to develop a plan that identifies action items that the PHA can take to improve its financial performance.

HUD also announced that, through its Office of Housing Counseling, it has awarded $41.3 million in grants to support critical services performed by the nation’s housing counselors. Awards include 173 of his HUD-approved local housing counseling agencies, national and regional organizations, multistate organizations, and state housing finance agencies awarded grants under the Office of September 18, 2021 his second year of housing counseling grants of $38.6 million. Housing Counseling Two-Year Blanket Notice of Financing Opportunity (NOFO).

HUD-accredited housing counselors assess a buyer’s readiness to buy a home, help navigate the home buying process, find affordable rental housing, and provide financial literacy to individuals and families. We provide training and other services to meet all your housing counseling needs. , providing anti-foreclosure counseling. HUD-approved housing counseling agencies support emergency preparedness and disaster recovery efforts, help the homeless find transitional housing, and educate older people about whether HECM and other reverse mortgages make sense for them. advise those who

The Secretariat will also award an additional $2.75 million in second-year funding to six HUD-approved housing counseling agencies that received awards under the Office of Housing Counseling and Training NOFO on November 2, 2021 at HUD. Did.

“Today’s awards provide critical funding to housing counseling agencies that provide vital services to individuals and families across the country,” said Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commission Julia Gordon. . “Maintaining and funding a network of quality housing counseling resources through our housing counseling office is critical to achieving her HUD goals of reducing barriers and promoting housing equity. element.”

HUD funds will continue to support housing counseling services provided by these agencies, including pre-purchase homebuyer counseling, foreclosure prevention counseling, renter eviction counseling, and disaster recovery counseling.

HUD Deputy Assistant Secretary of Housing Counseling David Berenbaum added: ”

A $2.75 million grant awarded by HUD under the Office of Housing Counseling and Training NOFO supports the education and training of housing counselors. This includes training to provide housing counseling services to seniors seeking reverse mortgages under the Federal Housing Administration’s Home Equity Convertible Mortgage (HECM) program. , and training to support passing the HUD Housing Counselor Certification Exam.

HUD allocated $302,500 of these funds to two recipient organizations. The organization issues training scholarships to students at historically black colleges, tribal colleges, and other minority service institutions enrolled in the housing counseling workforce development program.

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