Hudson Valley father claims police are ‘understaffed’ to investigate hit-and-run that injured daughter

Cortland Manor’s father refuses to forgive the driver’s crimes that seriously injured his 24-year-old daughter, but police say he has given up.

“We had one cop say, ‘We’ve done all we can, that’s all,’ and that’s it for us,” said Robert Curley.

His daughter, who lives in Fishkill, was hit while walking down Front Street in the city of Newburgh on July 9, resulting in a broken leg and a concussion that required surgery.

“Her left tibia was fractured an inch below her knee, and she had a large cut on her head and lots of scrapes and bruises,” Carly said.

Carly gave News 12 a photo of her daughter in the hospital and a copy of the police report.

Surveillance video of the restaurant, taken by Billie Joe’s Liveworks, shows the driver driving through a crowd of pedestrians at night at “unsafe speeds” and “flipping” the victim before taking off. It is said that there is

“Their excuses regarding staffing and more importantly are kind of pathetic because the effort required to resolve this with an arrest is so minimal,” Curley said.

According to police reports, two passengers were seen on camera being dropped off a distance from the crash site.

“They interviewed two passengers, but technically they let them go because they think it’s not a crime to witness a crime and not talk about it,” Curley said.

Police reports show that passengers “failed to provide driver or vehicle information.”

I couldn’t see the license plate of the car because of the glare of the headlights.

Police have the vehicle’s side mirror broken when it hit the victim.

The car is listed as a late model, silver or gray Nissan Altima

Carly says her car was also heavily damaged after hitting her daughter, including a broken windshield.

He urged anyone who knew what happened, saw the damaged car, or repaired it to provide information to the police to catch the person who did this and prevent it from happening again. I’m here.

“Pathetic. The word I use is pathetic,” he says.

News 12 has reached out to the Newburgh Police Department for comment on information about the staffing allegations and investigation, but has not received a response.

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