Hunger Action Month, South Plains Food Bank

Lubbock, Texas (KCBD) – More than 38 million people in the United States are food insecure, according to the US Department of Agriculture. South Plains Food Bank recognizes Hunger Action Month by partnering with local businesses to make donations.

Morgan Baker, director of communications for South Plains Food Bank, said this month will spotlight activities at South Plains Food Bank.

“Food insecurity is a much bigger problem than people remotely perceive here in Lubbock,” Baker said. Now it has risen to about 98,000.”

These numbers continue to grow, and in the past three months, food banks have increased the number of people they serve by 70%.

“And it keeps going up.

South Plains Food Bank is running multiple campaigns with businesses this month.

Helping Hunger, a campaign we are running with HEB. We are very excited about the donations we have already received from there. It will continue until October,” Baker said. “We are also running a special campaign with Whataburgers, where all Whataburgers across Lubbock, the South Plains region and Surathon all donate to the South Plains Food Bank.”

For every $1 donation they receive, the food bank can turn it into three meals.

“So we’re very excited. If we raise, say, $50,000, that’s equivalent to 150,000 meals because of food insecurity,” says Baker.

Donations alone are needed to fight hunger. Food banks need more hands to make these meals.

“But it’s time and treasure. Those are two things that people really give us. Another great way you can help us is by volunteering for this.” said Baker.

Cindy Antoniello is a volunteer manager at South Plains Food Bank. She said there are many ways to help.

“We help staff, pack food boxes, bag produce, load carts into customers’ vehicles, help orchards pick apples, and on our farms, at least 30 people. We were able to use it. That’s why we need volunteers every day,” Antoniello said.

Having volunteers helps keep food from going bad.

“We are currently harvesting 2,500 apple trees on 15 acres of land. “And we hate that happening because those apples end up subsidizing our food boxes.”

There are also many vegetables in the bank that need to be harvested.

To donate or volunteer, visit the South Plains Food Bank website.

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