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Gisele Bündchen isn’t just the wife of future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. She’s been walking the runways of her fashion shows since 1996, when she debuted in her iconic New York Fashion Week. Over the years, she’s graced the silver screen with magazine covers, runways, and even several movie roles.As everything evolves over the years, so does the modeling industry. .

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In 2018, Bündchen was outspoken about the fact that young models were posting pictures of themselves on social media platforms. In an interview with Vogue Magazine, she said that if it was who she was and she had to, she wouldn’t do it, she said the platform should be used for sunset photography. said.

“If it were me, I would only have photos of sunsets,” Bündchen said during the talk. “It’s not my generation. I have to be honest about it. I got older and wiser. I had to promote myself the way girl modeling has to do now.” If you do, forget it. I won’t do it.

She later retracted her comments by posting an apology on her Twitter account. She added that she comes from a generation that is not “tech-savvy” and admires young models who manage the demands of this generation’s industry.

Social media platforms, especially Instagram, have helped young models become well-known faces in the industry.

Is Gisele Bündchen the reason Tom Brady skipped training camp?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady shocked the NFL world when he suspended the team’s training camp and preseason schedule for 11 days. At the time, Bucks head coach Todd Bowles said Brady was dealing with a personal issue and the team was made aware of it before the players reported to training camp.

Brady spoke to reporters after the Buccaneers’ final preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts, and of course the big story was his absence. Tom Brady told reporters that he has a lot going on at his age and is trying to handle everything his life throws at him.

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Many speculate that his wife, Gisele Bündchen, may be the reason for his vacation. She’s been outspoken about wanting him to retire in the past, and his short 40-day retirement may not be what she wanted either.

In an interview with British Vogue earlier this year, Bündchen said that while his children are the focus, he’s always been very career-oriented. please.

“He’s focused on his career, but I’m mostly focused on my kids. It’s not a fairy tale that people want to believe. To be really in sync with someone, especially after you have kids.” requires effort.”

Comments from Bundchen and the subsequent disappearance from Brady’s team have led many to believe they could be related.

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