I want to spread positivity, says Billy Porter | Entertainment

Billy Porter wants to spread positivity through his work.

The award-winning star claims there’s “no room for fear” in his life and believes the entertainment industry can even “heal” the cracks in society.

Billy, who starred on Broadway before finding success as a singer and actor, recalls:

“As artists, we have the power to heal. [Nobel Prize-winning author] Toni Morrison says, “Now is the time for artists to go to work.” There is no room for fear. No silence needed. We write, we speak, and this is how civilization heals. ”

Nonetheless, Billy admits that social attitudes have slowly evolved in the right direction in recent years.

The 52-year-old star told The Independent: “Often all you hear is negativity, but the real reason for the backlash from the other side, the reason for the fear, is , because change has already happened.progress has already happened.

“Can we reconfigure it now? To me, it feels like an oxygen mask that I can put on myself and go, ‘Oh yeah, the change is already happening.'”

The “Cinderella” star pointed out how much she’s personally changed over the past two decades.

Billie, who came out as gay as a teenager, said: The. Change. Has. Already. Happened. So what are you going to do with that energy?”

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