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KSI is “always pristine”.

The 29-year-old rap star is now gearing up to box with YouTuber Alex Wasabi on August 27, and KSI has promised he will be in top shape when he fights at London’s O2 Arena.

Asked about preparing for the fight, KSI said: “Know what you’re doing well and repeat it.

“Then I do a hard cardio session, do 4 rounds on the reverse climber, 3 minutes hard, ham (hard like am************r) I was working on it.

“Then we took a short break, had lunch, then maybe watched some TV, played some games, and then had another session.

“Sometimes it can be a sprint session where you just do sprints over and over. Do 8 times and try to keep it under 3 minutes. Please refer to

“The other days I can box more, punch incessantly, work on my shoulder endurance, and see when I’m in the ring.”

The “Poppin” hitmaker claims he never feels tired thanks to his constant training regimen.

He said.

KSI – whose real name is Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji – also claims he hasn’t taken a day off since the match was announced.

The YouTuber-turned-rapper explained that training has become part of his “lifestyle.”

He told Men’s Health magazine: It’s an easy day for me. ”

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