India Day showcases culture and delicious food in Greenville

The India Day parade travels down Main Street in Greenville.

When Neil Mathai moved to Greenville in the early 1980s, she remembers feeling a little out of place in her new home. She was familiar with Kolkata, India, where she was born and raised, and London, where she attended college, and a large city with a diverse population.

Greenville was smaller and far less diverse.

Today, Greenville is a very different city, with people from different countries influencing the city’s food and events, creating a broader culture.

This week marks India Day, an event held by the Indian Society in Greenville to celebrate Indian culture and mark the 75th anniversary of India’s independence from Britain. After the coronavirus hiatus, Mathai and her co-organizers are thrilled to have the festival fully restarted, sharing Indian culture and celebrating the city many call home.

The five food vendors on India Day this year showcase different styles of Indian cuisine from different regions.

Mr Mathai, President of the Indian Association, said: “In every bank, in every law firm, there are so many Indians working now.”

The festival includes various offerings, all free of charge. Beginning in the morning, participants can experience a seminar on mental health and participate in a yoga session. The day continues with henna, parades, Bollywood dancing, music, cultural exhibits and an Indian-style fashion show.

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