Inside the Ilio Nema Founder’s Wardrobe

Are you wearing fragrance? I’m wearing my husband’s Comme des Garçons 2 Mans.


Do you have jewelry you can rely on? She wears a lot of gold chains she inherited from her mother and grandmother, christening medals, old Cartier chains, and handmade jewelry from her children.

Can you remember your favorite clothes from your childhood? I grew up in France and wore dresses, white socks and Mary Janes like a true French kid. There was a cherry print jacquard dress with a white scalloped collar. I still love clothes that move and drape like that.

And what’s your worst fashion mistake? 90’s Gwen Stefani era. Like a naughty punk girl in a mini kilt, belly chain, crop top and over-the-knee socks. I had a belly piercing and a little too much makeup. It was sexy, aggressive, and the exact opposite of my aesthetic today.

What was your first fashion moment? At 17, he was street-cast in Paris to attend Martin Margiela’s fashion week. It was a whole new world. I come from a family of doctors and engineers, and modeling opened up a future for me in fashion.

French singer Françoise Hardy has a classic and timeless style that inspires Ariane.

French singer Françoise Hardy has a classic and timeless style that inspires Images

What’s on your wishlist? Alighieri chunky gold choker.

Is there anything you never wear? Crocs are synonymous with Birkenstocks and Ugg boots, and now I wear them all the time. You will most likely never wear stilettos again. In high heels he ran around for 10 years and made it through New York fashion.

Do you have a favorite recent trend? I don’t follow trends because they are unsustainable. I buy carefully. I know my style, my body, what my wardrobe is missing.

What shoes do you wear most often? A. Emery or Lucy Folk sandals and Adidas “Stan Smith” sneakers.

Who is your favorite fashion icon? Françoise Hardy, Jane Birkin, Lou Doillon, Talitha Getty, Lauren Hutton, Charlotte Rampling, and many more. Also rock guys with tight pants and big hair like Jimi Hendrix, Robert Plant and Frank Zappa.

What’s your favorite off-duty casual Sunday look? I love matching sets. For example, the “Cronos” shirt and shorts. But I live near Bronte Beach in Sydney, so I often spend my weekends in a bathing suit with a caftan.

Ilio Nema was founded by Ariane Leondaridis and Katia Kelso.

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