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IOWA DISTRICT COURT OF AMERICAN TRUST & SAVINGS BANK FROM DUBUQUE COUNTY MIDWESTONE BANK Merge, Plaintiffs, v. JAMES J. BECKER. Spouse of James J. Becker. MIDWESTONE BANK IS SUCCESSFUL TO AND OWNING PARTIES, DEFENDANTS, THROUGH AMERICAN TRUST & SAVINGS BANK. Stock No. EQCV113644 ORIGINAL NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION To the above defendants: James J. Becker and spouse of James J. Becker We are pleased to inform you that on July 5, 2022, a foreclosure petition was filed with the Court Clerk’s Office mentioned above. $83,091.84 plus interest at 4.249% per annum effective November 1, 2021, an amount equivalent to $9.67 per day, litigation costs, including $235.00 in title costs, and reasonable attorneys’ fees, and amount will be declared as a lien. Effective January 5, 2015, the following buildings located in Dubuque County, Iowa: Lot 184 and Lot 185″, located in Union Addition, City of Dubuque, Iowa, according to Pratt for Record. special enforcement matters for the foreclosure of property, the sale of the mortgaged building to the extent necessary to satisfy the judgment, and other remedies the court deems fair and equitable. is Matthew E. Laughlin, The Davis Brown Tower, 215 10th Street, Suite 1300, Des Moines, Iowa 50309-3993, Phone: (515) 288-2500, Fax: (515) 243-0654. Plaintiff elected foreclosure without recourse. This means that the sale of the mortgaged property will take place promptly after the judgment is entered, unless you submit a written request to the court to delay the sale. If you file a written request, six months from entry of the judgment if the mortgaged property is your residence and is a single or two-family residence (three months if the petition includes a waiver of defects). ) until the sale is postponed. Up to two months from the record of the judgment if the mortgaged property is not your residence, or if it is your residence but not a single-family or two-family residence. No right of redemption after sale. The purchaser at the time of sale has the right to take immediate possession of the mortgaged property. You can buy it on sale. You must file your motion or answer by September 19, 2022, and within a reasonable time thereafter, file your motion or answer in the Iowa District Court in Dubuque County, Iowa. Notice that the Dubuque County District Court utilizes an electronic document management system. For general rules and information regarding electronic filing, see Iowa Court Rules, Chapter 16. In particular, see Part VI on Protection of Personal Information in Court Filings. Failure to do so may result in default judgment being entered against you for the relief requested in the petition. If you need help attending court because of your disability, call the Disability Coordinator at 319-833-3332. Persons with hearing or speech disabilities can call Relay Iowa TTY at 1 800 735 2942. Disability coordinators cannot provide legal advice. important To protect your interests, we recommend that you seek legal advice immediately. August 30, 2022 3rd issue date 3t 8/16,23,30

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