iQIYI Launches China’s First Augmented Reality (XR) Virtual Production Series, Further Integrating Technology and Entertainment

Beijing, August 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iQIYI is a market leading innovative online entertainment service. Chinarecently announced part of its drama series Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Yuehong Chapter) An Augmented Reality (XR) virtual production will be involved and the show will take place. Chinese The first drama series to employ such technology in its production. The move marks another step for iQIYI to realize its strategic vision of leveraging virtual production to enhance content quality, improve efficiency and create an immersive viewing experience.

Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker is a drama series adaptation of the Chinese animated cartoon of the same name, and its XR virtual production includes a number of LED panels installed at the filming locations of Hengdian’s series. Zhejiang iQIYI built a 2,400 square meter virtual production studio. Although filmed virtually, the final output conveys a high degree of realism, almost indistinguishable from what was filmed on the actual set. This setup also allows the production team to move seamlessly and efficiently reuse and adapt different virtual sets.

The filming process of the series underscores how virtual production gives room for change and new developments in the film and television industry, further sparking the imagination of viewers.

“iQIYI has built a digital asset library and explored the integration of film and television production with advanced technology. XR virtual production will further propel China’s film and television industrialization to a new stage. It’s an important move for the future,” said Vice President ZHU Liang. President of iQIYI and Head of Intelligent Production.

For years, iQIYI has leveraged technologies such as virtual production to create a better entertainment experience. In January, the company completed production of two 4K Test your movies in your own virtual production studio. Scenes in the movie are adapted from iQIYI’s hit drama series. Luoyangthe company 3D-scanned the drama’s physical scenes with high precision. 4K test film.

“The virtual sets can be used repeatedly for different productions such as animation, games, VR and commercial licenses, greatly reducing the costs associated with building physical sets and enabling endless possibilities.” added Zhu.

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