‘It’s an experience you’ll never forget.’ Long Islander climbs mound at Mets’ Old Timers Day event

One Long Islander relived his glory days with the Mets last weekend.

Former Mets pitcher Steve Dillon had a “great” day with the team on Saturday as he returned to the mound for Old Timers Day at Citi Field.

The 79-year-old Baldwin native was one of 65 winners to play in the first Mets-sponsored Old Timers Day since 1994.

“I couldn’t wait to put it on for the first time this morning. It’s part of my cherished keepsake,” enthused Dillon.

The lefty pitched in three games for the Mets in 1963 and 1964 and worked hard to get back on the mound after nearly 60 years.

“[Former Mets coach] Willie Randolph told me I had to go to the pitch and I got to the mound and everything came back to me,” Dillon said.

Dillon’s performance was a ‘hit’ on social media

“My grandchildren were like, ‘Grandpa, it’s exploding!’ I don’t know what they’re talking about because it’s not what I do. I’m not a tweeter,” Dillon added. rice field.

One social media user raved that his favorite part of Old Timer Day was watching Dillon pitch at age 79.

“Well, I was prepared for this, and I have to agree with him,” Dillon responded. That’s it.”

Dillon said he was just as excited as his fans.

“Meeting the new players and how they accepted me was an experience I will never forget,” Dillon added.

After spending time in the major leagues, Dillon served on the NYPD board for over 20 years.

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