Jackie Cornell Elected Executive Director of Family Planning Action Fund in New Jersey

Longtime New Jersey health policy veteran Jackie Cornell has been announced as the new executive director of the Family Planning Action Fund of New Jersey (PPAFNJ). Cornell will also serve as Chief Government Relations Officer for Family Planning for Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey (PPNCSNJ).

PPNCSNJ President and CEO Corey Nealing said in a statement, “Jackie brings her deep commitment to public health and knowledge of the inner workings of federal and state governments.” In the face of continued attacks on health care, Jackie will help overcome barriers to reproductive health and rights and build new strength to protect and expand access to care for all. increase.”

Early in Governor Phil Murphy’s first term, Cornell was Chief Deputy Chief of Health for the New Jersey Department of Health. Prior to that, he worked for the progressive think tanks New Jersey Policy Perspectives, U.S. Department of Health, and the office of former Congressman Rashholt He Jr. (D-Hopewell).

Cornell started his career at Planned Parenthood and held various roles with PPAFNJ and local Planned Parenthood affiliates from 2003-2010.

Cornell has already assumed his new role as of August 15, according to today’s press release. Selzer said he headed PPAFNJ since 2019, but is now heading to another of her Planned Parenthood affiliates.

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