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From left, Rob Fisher, Steve Westfall, Stephanie McCoy, Dr. Karl Overmiller, and Albert L. Wright, Jr. break ground on a new wing at Ripley’s Jackson General Hospital on Friday. (Photo by James Dobbs)

RIPley — Elected officials, local residents and hospital staff gathered Friday at Jackson General Hospital in Jackson County to witness the groundbreaking ceremony for a new hospital wing.

“This construction project has been underway for several years and today is truly a historic event.” Stephanie McCoy, President and CEO of WVU Medicine JGH, said:

McCoy said he was proud to share his vision of modern healthcare on Friday. She said this vision would not have been possible without the positive thinking, selfless determination and stubborn perseverance of the JGH Board of Directors and JGH’s leadership and care team.

“We embarked on the journey to join the West Virginia University Health System in 2018 and have since become not only the best place to care, but the great place to be, within a world-class healthcare network. I have been on a wonderful journey to work.” she said. “We join partners who share our vision of excellence in patient care, our desire to be the provider of choice in our communities, and our vision of modernizing our hospitals.”

The ground floor of the new wing is designed to contain a new emergency department with 14 private rooms, including two triage rooms, two trauma rooms, a decontamination room and a mental health room, McCoy said. It also includes a new 12-bay surgical department with two large operating rooms and he two procedure rooms. The second floor has an inpatient/swing bed, 18 en-suite private rooms, a 3-chair infusion area, and a rehabilitation room.

Stephanie McCoy, President and CEO of WVU Medicine Jackson General Hospital, spoke at a landmark event outside JGH in Ripley on Friday. (Photo by James Dobbs)

Rob Fischer, Chairman of the JGH Board, has served on the Board for more than 30 years and has served as chair for the last eight years. Fisher said the JGH board came up with his 50-year plan for continuing care of patients and communities. The board’s plan was to ensure a steady stream of providers, ensure they were financially stable, and resolve any issues. “shot” hospital. Fisher said the plan led to his merger with WVU Medicine.

“Today we put some shovels in the ground and start installing this new wing on the $30 million dollar bill.” He said. “This is a really big deal for Jackson County. This guarantees that in 50 years there will be a hospital…”

JGH medical staff member Carl Overmiller, MD, has worked at the hospital since 2010. He said the merger has given JGH new opportunities and services that were previously inaccessible. He said medical students are now video conferencing with the WVU surgical department to see mortality, morbidity, and their grand rounds. Among the upgrades, it said it now has access to more medical records, specialists and telemedicine.

WVU Health System President and CEO, Albert L. Wright Jr., has worked with WVU Medicine since August 2014. Transform that academic medical center into an academic medical system.

“What we have intentionally and systematically done over the last eight years is partnering with community hospitals across the state to simultaneously stabilize and hopefully improve health care and local communities. It’s about creating a health footprint for the population that makes it possible.Building local communities and their networks.WVU medical care, doctor’s clinics, emergency care, small hospitals, medium hospitals, large hospitals, wherever you go. your records, labs, prescriptions, images, and doctor’s notes all follow you wherever you go.” He said. “We have safer care, more coordinated care, more efficient care..”

Carl Overmiller, MD, MD, WVU Medicine A member of the medical staff at Jackson General Hospital explained what the merger meant for JGH at an event in Jackson County. (Photo by James Dobbs)

The $30 million project will be funded through a combination of cash reserves and bond financing, according to a press release from WVU Medicine. Construction will take him 16-20 months, depending on materials and labor.

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WVU Medicine-Jackson General Hospital Board Chairman Rob Fisher shared an anecdote about the power of three and how it relates to the three goals the Board has created for its 50-year plan. did. (Photo by James Dobbs)

West Virginia State Representative Steve Westfall spoke at a landmark event outside Jackson General Hospital in Ripley. (Photo by James Dobbs)

Attendees applaud at a groundbreaking ceremony outside Jackson General Hospital in Jackson County on Friday. (Photo by James Dobbs)

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