Janice Preschel, 60, who ran a New Jersey pantry from her hospital bed, dies of coronavirus

Preshell died Monday at Teaneck Hospital from complications of Covid-19, Gov. Phil Murphy said.

Murphy said Thursday that 25,590 people across the state have tested positive for the disease and 537 have died.

“Even while she was in the hospital, awaiting test results and struggling to breathe, she called me and emailed pantry instructions,” Teaneck Deputy Mayor Ellie Katz said in her speech. was sent,” he said. It was read at Preschel’s funeral on Wednesday.

Katz said he used Preschel to start a food pantry to help struggling families after the 2008 financial crisis.

“She jumped at the opportunity, and when I told her the salary was zero, she kept jumping at the opportunity,” Katz said. “Serving the community and giving back is in her DNA.” It was in

Katz said Preschel’s family has asked those who knew her to spread the word about her plight from respiratory illness and emphasize the importance of social distancing. survived by a sister.

According to Katz, Preschel was the former president of the Teaneck Rotary. She was a member of Temple Her Emes and a volunteer on the Township’s Social Services Advisory Board.

“For five years, Janice worked in my office,” Katz said in her speech. “Her desk was three feet away from mine. and, above all, that each recipient was treated with the utmost care, respect and dignity.”

From her hospital bed, Preschel said she emailed Katz almost every day about how the pantry worked.

Katz, who is close to Preschel’s family, said, “She will be remembered as someone who gave back to the community.” I was breathing, I was sleeping.”

Katz said Preschel remained active in the community after being legally blinded by a virus about five years ago.

“She didn’t slow down or stop running the food pantry,” he said.

In one of her last emails to Katz, Preschel said she asked him to stop by the pantry and personally thank the volunteers before the pantry was temporarily closed due to the pandemic. .

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