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Comedian, author and actor Jenny Yang dispels myths around MSG and ‘clean eating’ with a clever campaign developed in collaboration with Japanese multinational food and biotech company Ajinomoto called #DinnerWithGoop .

Gwyneth Paltrow and representatives from her popular wellness platform Goop were not in attendance at the dinner at The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica on Sept. 7. Having fact-based conversations about the lifestyles and diets promoted by Goop and how she believes that the way many people eat is impure, and ultimately the problem. I have extended the invitation to get started. Moral values ​​for food choices.

“Food has been a lifelong passion of mine because it’s so tied to my culture and identity,” Yang said. hollywood reporter Wednesday night. “As I became a comedian and grew an online following, one of my favorite topics was taking on people who detracted from the ingredients and foods that represent my culture. [Goop] I called MSG not a clean meal, even though it wasn’t backed up by scientific evidence…so this was a natural fit for me. ”

Yang’s relationship with Ajinomoto (which manufactures and sells seasonings containing MSG) began in 2020 during the first months of the pandemic when the company asked her to participate in the #TakeOutHate campaign. rice field. Receiving backlash due to coronavirus origins. (Also attended by Margaret Cho, Harry Shum Jr. and Gail Simmons)

“When you think about how Asian Americans are represented in this country, people immediately think of food. Yan says. “[Goop] Put their flag in the sand and said the MSG was dirty because they didn’t eat it clean. There is a huge history of demonizing MSG for what it stands for. MSG has a lot of luggage and I don’t think they thought about this when they call it dirty. ”

jenny yang dinner with goop

Provided by Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Last night’s dinner featured LA-based chef Saeng Douangdara’s California-influenced Laotian cuisine. Examples include sticky rice hydration, Lao meatballs and spaghetti, chicken raab rice paper tacos, and hong xiao rou braised pork. All items contained MSG, but the first course, lemongrass cold corn soup, was served in MSG and non-MSG versions so guests could taste the difference. rice field. (When monosodium glutamate is present in foods, glutamate binds to umami, or fifth taste receptors, creating a more palatable sensation.)

Dr. Tia Rains, Vice President of Customer Engagement and Strategy Development, Ajinomoto North America, explained more about the misconceptions about MSG (despite being scientifically proven, it has a long history of being perceived as unhealthy). We are committed to getting many food and cultural media to speak. It has two-thirds less sodium than table salt) and contains ingredients associated with certain cultures. “I believe in exposing the truth about foods and food ingredients to the public. Not only is MSG safe and can be used as a food fortifier, it can also be used to reduce sodium by 30-50%. With a background in nutritional science, it’s very important to me that 9 out of 10 Americans are consuming too much sodium for a healthy diet.” She said, “Unfortunately, what [some platforms are] Doing so misleads the American public into dieting that is not in their best interest. [science’s] Feelings about what makes a healthy meal. ”

jenny yang dinner with goop

Provided by Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Despite common misconceptions, MSG is considered safe by the FDA, World Health Organization (WHO), and many other reputable health organizations. Common foods that contain MSG are parmesan cheese, ranch dressing, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, nutritional yeast, soups, savory snacks, and other prepared foods.

Yang and other attendees at the dinner allege that Goop secretly removed articles that mentioned MSG or added disclaimers because the campaign was ongoing.. “When someone with power and influence like Goop tries to join the conversation calling something good or bad, pretty or dirty from my culture, I’m always very attuned. says Yang. “I think the company is smart enough that they can fix it themselves if they really think about it. We’re not trying to demonize Goop, but really just trying to have a conversation.”

THR reached out to Goop but did not hear back at the time of publication.

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