Jersey Shore business booms despite inflation and new tax hikes

Some businesses on the Jersey Shore are gaining momentum this summer amid soaring prices, recession fears and new tax hikes.

News 12 New Jersey surveyed business and tourism on Sunday on the Jersey Shore boardwalk from Asbury Park to Point Pleasant. Turns out they were full of beachgoers which got worse due to inflation.

Some said the food prices were higher than normal. But despite the high prices, businesses along the coast said they weren’t stopping people from coming.

Packers Lemonade Chef Manager Brittany Spirito said: “If people want it, they will come and get it.”

A family visiting from Canada said that despite the high cost of gas, the coast offered great food and great service, making the trip worth it.

Business is booming in seaside towns, but restaurant and shop owners are making up for post-COVID-19 losses, especially since the recent tax hike on July 1st.

This increase was designed to help the state pay back the money it borrowed from the federal government for unemployment benefits. Many business owners said they didn’t even know about it.

“I didn’t know anything about it. Why would our government do that? They work for us. We work for them.” Instead, we need to stick to not taxing small businesses,” said Robin Mennie, co-owner of River Street Sweet Treats.

“Honestly, I’m not surprised in New Jersey,” said Tom Dunphy, owner of Mutiny BBQ.

For many shops and eateries along the coast, the 4th of July holiday and the days after it brought in a lot of money as it is a major economic factor for business.

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