Jersey Thru History: Historic Walnford

W.Arnford’s history dates back to the 18th century, but its constant evolution has made it a place of infinite history. As a result, it is a perfect candidate to participate in the continuation of Best of NJ. jersey history series. Historic Walnford is located on Croswick Creek in Allentown and covers 36 acres just west of Croswick Creek Park.

The village began operations in 1734 with its own flour mill. But this place he soon came to include three factories, a blacksmith and cooper shop, and his two-family home. Along the 100 cultivated acres he has five tenant houses, farm buildings, and two orchards. After nearly 40 years of operation, the property was purchased by Richard Warne, a merchant and Philadelphia his Quaker. He then renamed Walnford, built a large house, and moved his family to New Jersey. Warne managed the property for 25 years until his son Nicholas took over the property.

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The rise and fall of Walnford

At its height, Walnford covered 1,300 acres and housed about 50 people. However, from the middle of the 19th century, production began to decline. By the time Nicholas’ daughter, Sarah, took over the land in her late 1800s, she had less land to manage. Instead, she updated her home and built a new carriage and cowshed. Despite slowing production, Sarah quickly rebuilt the mill after it burned down in 1873. Decades later, in her 1907, Sarah’s nephews, Richard Warne his Meyers and his wife Ann Waitman Meyers, took over the facility. The couple turned the village into a colonial her revival mansion, which remains today.

The property was purchased by Edward and Joan Mullen after the Warne family lived there for over 200 years. The Mullen family lived on the property for many years before donating it to the Monmouth County Park System in 1985. After several renovations and landscaping, the county has revived the entire site. Historic Walnford is now a place where visitors can immerse themselves in New Jersey’s history.

carriage house
carriage house

Guests can experience the historic Wahlnford grounds all year round. In fact, the property still has many historic buildings open to the public. Guests can go under the corn bed and step into the carriage house, Wallen’s house, and a working mill. In addition, there are milling demonstrations for all ages every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. (April to November) Adults can also visit the mill on the first Saturday from May to November.

Experience historic Walnford

Today, Historic Walnford is a popular destination for portrait photography, greeting cards and engagement proposals. From flowers in spring to autumn foliage to gentle snowfall in winter, you can enjoy beautiful scenery in every season. Meanwhile, Cow Barn hosts many activities and programs for kids, teens and adults.from a range of other events historic valentine until the afternoon porch music, and Walnford Day. An event on May 15th to celebrate Waln’s over 200 years of history.

Inside the mill
Inside the mill

Similarly, Historic Walnford regularly hosts group programs that include tours of the mill, the surrounding wetlands and the entire property. These his 1 hour tours are suitable for all ages. Children ages 3 through her 5 can join the Little Red Hen at Waln’s Mill. This easy tour of the mill also offers a fascinating experience of milling and operating the machinery. As well as retellings of classic stories. Finally, hands-on experiences include pen and ink calligraphy, weaving, old-fashioned games, and scavenger hunts.Historic Walnford offers archaeological excavations, outreach programs and even tea at walnford.

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