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Jessica Seracino has joined OnlyFans.

The former ‘Married At First Sight Australia’ star is the latest alum on a reality show about finding love to sign up for a paid subscription account where some users post adult content.

The 27-year-old TV personality apparently created her account in May and has only posted a handful of times in recent months, but the banner shows her posing in a very sexy red lingerie set. There are books covering the area below.

Jessica’s profile picture is much more sober as it shows her face and shoulders wearing a green shirt with some buttons unbuttoned.

The florist from Melbourne, Australia, was a surprise bombshell in the show’s ninth season earlier this year, spawning many international editions. For being “too emotional”.

However, Jessica has defended herself by labeling herself a “very nice person” despite being shown on the program to be an “absolute b****”, making her the most popular person on the show. She revealed that her anger stemmed from her 31-year-old groom complaining about her to the producers, rather than directly to her face.

Jessica said, “I said [to him]”If you don’t have the courage to say something to me, don’t be a little stupid.”

She said she “understood” why viewers viewed her in a negative light, but said that the edit changed her appearance, and that she and Daniel actually “don’t hate each other.”

Jessica added:[Daniel and I] Please don’t hate each other. we were a mismatch. It wasn’t a great pair.

“I don’t blame people for giving me backlash. [but] It didn’t go down that way at all.

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