Kamloops-based fashion designers and models prepare for New York Fashion Week

Seven Kamloops-based models of varying experience levels will take part in the show in New York.

“Some of them have modeled in Vancouver and the area before, others are fairly new, but they’re gorgeous, inclusive, and amazing.

“We’re planning a runway coach day in the next few weeks because everyone knows what to expect.”

She’s been working on costumes for this year’s show for about six months. She focused on creating more gorgeous pieces than before.

“The collection itself is pretty spicy. It’s definitely my brand.”

“I do a lot of red and black, animal print, and a little bit sassy, ​​so I have red and black zebra print, faux leather, faux fur, and so on.”

“When you’re in business, you learn what people buy and what they don’t. I sell quite a lot of casual merchandise, but the prices are very affordable to me. You can get all of these casual pieces for around $20 at Shein, Zara and H&M.”

“I had to rework my business model a bit because I wanted my brand to be essentially … couture, red carpet. It’s going to be a gradual transition — I’m not going to force myself — but , I’ll just keep going and see where it takes me.

The model hits the runway on September 10th.

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