Kansas prepares for formal launch of legalized sports betting

Wichita, Kansas (KWCH) – A week after sports betting apps like FanDuel and DraftKings went live in Kansas, sports betting has already seen significant interest since Thursday, September 1st. Kansas Lottery executive his director Steven Darrell said it’s been a busy week for those wanting to bet since the game can now be legally wagered in the Sunflower State.

“On a global scale, sports betting is something people have been doing for quite some time,” Darrell said. “It’s legally here in Kansas, so people seem to accept it.”

The sportsbooks of four state-owned casinos in Kansas began accepting betting on in-person and mobile platforms last Thursday. They officially open this Thursday (September 8th). A “soft launch” has drawn Kansasians to sports betting apps.

With apps like BetMGM offering credits, players are becoming more knowledgeable, Durrell said.

“We also have players signing up on multiple platforms to take advantage of incentive offers,” said Durrell.

He said the funds generated in the past week are starting to flow in, and the forecast is closer to the original forecast.

“We don’t have enough data yet to know if we’re hitting our targets, low or high,” says Durrell. “I don’t think we’re low. I think we’re on target or a little high at the moment.”

In the first weeks of legalized sports betting on the books, college football games have grabbed the attention of bettors especially since the NFL season has yet to begin.

“So far, it looks like K-State was the team with the most bets on the opening weekend, followed by KU and the Royals,” Durrell said. “The Chiefs weren’t in the top five, which I thought was interesting. I think that will change as we head into the weekend of pro football.”

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