Kansas sports betting bill quickly bounces back, heads to Senate

kansas sports betting

Kansas Sports betting is back in Senate hands after House swiftly approves new Congress Committee report Thursday.

2nd conference committee SB84 We met Thursday morning to work out some details after the Senate rejected the initial deal. The bill is in the House of Commons hours later, 73-49 vote.

Now, the legalization of sportsbooks in Kansas is once again on the shoulders of the Senate, but it could be a much friendlier body with a clean bill approved.

What changed at the Kansas Sports Betting Conference?

Thursday’s meeting committee was SB 84’s second meeting. A second meeting was required due to changes made after the first meeting.

The House has inserted wording to send 80% Taxes from sports betting earnings to a fund to attract professional teams to Kansas before the amendment bill was approved. But that came before his three-week break in session, and the Senate did not agree to any specific changes. Wednesday Prompt another meeting at night.

Fund to attract pro teams passed through conference committee, but its overseer changed, member of House committee Congressman John Barker explained to the floor. The Fund is now overseen by the Secretary of Commerce, not by the State Finance Council.

No other major changes

There were two other minor adjustments to SB 84. The meeting also included a provision requiring reimbursement of certain fees to racecourses, which Barker said was likely unenforceable, and a provision requiring facility managers to Removed the provision to create a license fee repayment fund.

All other key elements of the bill remained the same.

  • tax rate of Ten% Mobile and retail sports betting earnings.
  • Retail betting at four Kansas casinos.These casinos can also partner with Max 50 Retailers and professional sports venues that place kiosks.
  • There are 3 online licenses per casino, with a fourth available if you partner with a professional team.

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