Katie Holmes Hits Knitwear Season Like A Cashmere Influencer

Most stars are still in bikini mode, but Katie Holmes has her eye on the next season. New Yorkers who spent the summer in Dickies overalls and boho Chloe separates ignored the stifling heat of the city and dug up woolen jumpers to match their now trademark wide-leg trousers.

Of course, we couldn’t expect anything better from this knitwear influencer who broke the internet in 2019 when she hailed a cab in a barley cashmere kite bra and cardigan. Again, it was the height of August, but Holmes proved fashion wasn’t waiting for anyone.

This weekend’s fall look was less sexy and more form-fitting, leaning towards the craftsman vibe Katy has favored since falling in love with Gabriella Hearst’s work. and the nose ring she hailed earlier this year made Holmes look understated yet quirky.

If Katy has already set her knitwear agenda for the rest of the year (see also her dad’s love for Cardis), chances are she’s starting to prep her New York Fashion Week looks as well. , is when we see Dawson’s Creek The star ditched her beloved McNally Jackson tote and threw her support behind her favorite designer. ), expect her in craft-centric Gabriella Hearst. Yes, she’s her girl-next-door, every lady with her collection of great jeans, but Holmes always knows how to surprise us, and she’s in the front row for her September of this year. Please be careful.

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