Keller-Williams mega-team Rivian hires former side exec John Boehler as president

Rivian, Vermont-based mega team Keller Williams, a new president was born. Rivian said in a statement that former side boss John Boehler had taken over from Monday. Boller is responsible for growing, improving and expanding the platform.

One of the nation’s top mega-teams, Rivian currently boasts a network of 72 real estate teams across 35 states, with a total of 738 agents nationwide.

230721 - John Baller Headshot
John Boehler, President of Rivian

“I am honored and humbled to join Rivian in its ongoing commitment to empowering realtors and driving unparalleled productivity,” Boller said in a statement. “Together, we will transform and enrich the lives of consumers and real estate professionals through world-class experiences and services.”

Baller has held various leadership roles across start-up and established real estate firms. Prior to joining Mega Team, he played a key role in the side’s go-to-market strategy, leading the company to its successful $150 million funding round. Prior to that, he was a Sr. New Business at Zillow Group, where he was Director, Founder of Proptech Startup, and Sales Leader of Amazon Web Services.

Rivian CEO Adam Helgenrother expressed his excitement over Boehler’s appointment.

“Jon has a track record of successful business expansion in the real estate industry, so we are excited to see him enter and have a measurable impact on Rivian’s growth and efficiency from day one,” said Helgenlother.

As a company, Livian provides agents and teams with a suite of tools including marketing services, multiple lead sourcing methods, automated conversion strategies, human resources, talent acquisition support, financial reporting, accounting, and prescriptive training and coaching.

Formerly known as Hergenrother Realty Group, Livian, an expansion team founded in 2011, will launch in 2021 in partnership with Keller Williams. In the last 12 months, Rivian has made two high-level mergers with teams in New England and the Southeast.

According to Realtrends 2023 Agent/Team Rankings, Rivian closed 3,914.5 teams, making it the 5th most acquired team among mega teams. Sales for 2023 will see him hit $1.45 billion, his best performance among the mega-teams in seven months.

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