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Just hours after the Queen’s death, Fendi’s female designer Kim Jones, who was appointed Officer of the British Fashion Order in 2020, said: “I really thought she would live to be 100. I don’t know why.” said Elizabeth II on Wednesday.

Then, with that proverbially stiff upper lip, I set to work at hand.

Fendi is one of many European brands to bring life to New York Fashion Week this season. To mark the 25th anniversary of his bag, the iconic Baguette launched in 1997, he will host a full-scale runway show and clothing collection at the packed Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday night. .

Also following the funding of the growing American luxury market, Marni is touring with shows, while Givenchy, Courrèges, Keaton and Isabel Marant are toasting new American stores with dinners and parties. Munich-based luxury e-commerce Her My Theresa on her site also flagged her fashion week in New York, hosted Gabriela Hearst’s lunch, and boosted sales across the United States to her 110 in the past year and a half. We celebrated the % increase.

Texas and Florida may be the hottest American retail markets right now, but New York Fashion Week is the perfect place for a media frenzy. That’s why Fendi chose New York Fashion Week to reignite the baguette business. Thanks to a cameo appearance in the original “Sex and the City” series, New York put the Fendi bag on the map of Pop-His culture.

Sarah Jessica Parker, of course, joined the show alongside Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista, and many other celebrities to create her own personalized baguette.

To further enhance the “uptown-downtown New York vibe,” Jones tapped lifelong fashion hero and former Louis Vuitton boss Marc Jacobs.

Jacobs has created a collection within a collection, capitalizing on his love of logomania to play with Baguette’s Fendi moniker and design 10 looks, all in the spirit of a contemporary exploration of historic romance and street encounters. increase.

Jones also teamed up with iconic New York jeweler Tiffany & Co., the newest addition to the LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton brand family, to create a Tiffany Blue baguette with silver charms and handcrafted solid pieces that resemble the jewelry itself. A sterling silver baguette completes the ultimate piece of jewelry. collector’s item.

That connection was more or less accidental, says Jones, and when he opened a Fendi store on Fifth Avenue across from the Tiffany’s flagship store, he realized that baguettes aren’t just bags, they’re diamond cuts.

“I wanted to combine these three elements. It’s very playful and celebratory,” he said of how Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Tiffany Trifecta created the binge look.

“There’s a lot of depressing things going on in the world, so I thought it would be nice to have a little fun,” he said, flashing a new gumball-sized Tiffany diamond on his finger.

Hitting stores next month, the collection includes colorful sportswear, shearling outerwear and cool tailoring, with tulle over slip skirts, sequins over sweatshirts and boiler suits, and fleece pullovers. Pockets, baseball caps, gloves, gaiters and socks turned into baguettes.

“It’s really exciting to see how bags turn into collections,” said Silvia Venturini Fendi, the brand’s creative director of accessories, menswear and children. The ergonomic under-arm design allows for hands-free movement.

“It was one of the first bags to be embroidered, but it was meant to be worn during the day, so I loved the idea of ​​combining embroidery with sequins and a sweatshirt,” she says of the clothing collection. talked about

A new iteration of the Baguette itself includes an enhanced multi-pocket version for today’s gadget hounds. “There’s a place for Airpods, toothpicks, and an asthma inhaler. It’s good for boys and girls, and it’s a baguette for the butt,” says Jones, referring to her bag’s pale pink adjustable strap. I paid attention to the strap.

Jacobs developed the “Fendiroma” logo. He mashed his code with his Fendi code to create a calfskin baguette with the words ‘The Baguette’, representing his ‘The Tote’ design, as well as Swarovski. I also made a version of him with extras featuring his crystals.

Jacobs brings the silhouettes and fabrics of his recent ready-to-wear collection into Jones’ world, using a fluorescent yellow, silver, gray and white color palette inspired by street workers and fabrics with bleach or sheer overlays. did.

“I take jeans, jean jackets, sweaters, the way people actually wear them, and instead of saying it’s such a shame that people look like that, I embrace what speaks to them and evokes more of the times. I like the idea of ​​reinventing things. Romance and magic,” Jacobs said of what excites him about current fashion.

“When you tie a coat around your waist to create a bustle, or make a long skirt out of jeans, there is something old and historic about it. It’s amazing to squint and see what’s in front of you in a more magical way. increase.

“New York is sneakers, jeans, jean jackets, totes and baguettes,” he said. “Take the padding out of European fashion.”

But probably not the dough.

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