KT Tunstall’s sudden success made her feel like a ‘human Cannonball’ | Entertainment

KT Tunstall’s sudden success felt like it “fired like a human cannonball”.

The 47-year-old star has been trying to build a career as a musician for 10 years, but it took just 24 hours to perform “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” on the BBC’s esteemed music show Later. It ended up in vain when I got the notification. … with Jools Holland”, things went very quickly from there.

She recalled to Red magazine:

“It was totally bananas. At the time, I was running my own website so people could email me. Normally I would get a few emails a day.” , 600 when I wake up.

“But this experience gave me one of my favorite adages: ‘Luck is ready’. Have to.

KT admitted he relied on alcohol to deal with the pressures that come with fame, and although he doesn’t think he had a ‘big problem’, he eventually gave up drinking completely for a few years .

She said: “I definitely used alcohol. did.

“I used to love getting drunk.

“When I had an epiphany in 2012, I quit drinking completely for six years.

“I wouldn’t say I had a big problem. I didn’t drink on the day or before the show, but I always drank after the show and it wasn’t fun anymore.”

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