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Climate change and the industrial food complex are intrinsically linked. As it permeates the public consciousness, more and more people are asking the question, “What can I do to reduce my impact?” The answer is obvious. Reduce waste, eat more locally grown, eat seasonally, and be mindful of what you put on your plate. You don’t have to go full vegan (it helps), but eating more consciously is a good step in the right direction, and Kuri says he eats better while saving the planet one dish at a time. A new iOS app that helps

Simply put, Kuri is a climate-friendly, personalized cooking app that helps you cook seasonal, low-carbon meals. As part of the onboarding process, we check your dietary preferences and filter out anything you can’t eat, so you don’t fall into the “steakhouse vegetarian” syndrome that many apps find. seems to be suffering fromapp Consider the seasons around you and make seasonal cooking easier.

70% of Kuri users are omnivorous, but 80% of the meals suggested by the app are meatless.

The app was released in 2020 and has over 2,300 ratings with an average of 4.9 stars. This has been featured many times by Apple’s App Store editors.

“The majority of reviews that Kuri actually receives are praising the quality, recipes and simplicity of the app rather than its environmental friendliness. I think,” co-founder and CEO Baptiste Malaguti told TechCrunch in an email.he said the company Passed the “Mr. Burns Exam”. “Too many climate-friendly consumer apps think people adopt it because it’s beneficial. Climate-friendly alone isn’t a valid value proposition. I am obsessed with how I can help people who struggle daily to come up with

To make it convenient and fit in with household grocery shopping habits, Kuri’s founders went crazy for the shopping list feature. The app makes it easy to grab recipes and turn them into a shopping list, making dinner shopping easier for families and groups of housemates to cook together as a team sport.

The app uses a series of prompts and behavior modification nudges to keep users low carbon. It surfaces in different ways. For example, 70% of Kuri users are omnivores, but 80% of their diets are omnivores. App suggests they don’t use meatThe company believes users’ carbon footprint is 60% lower than the US average.

Kuri is currently completely free. Paid subscriptions start in October.

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