Lance Armstrong married Anna Hansen.entertainment

Lance Armstrong marries Anna Hansen.

The 50-year-old infamous cyclist — who wiped out seven consecutive Tour de France victories in 2012 after his doping revelations were revealed — has been married for years after getting engaged in a romantic ceremony in 2017. love and married. Close family and friends living in Chateau La Coste, France.

Lance, who has been romantically linked to a string of high-profile women, including country crooner Sheryl Crow, wrote on Instagram on Tuesday (09.08.22): It’s so special to have our kids there too. It was a fun night with laughter and tears. “

Lance – two children with Anna, son Max, 13, and daughter Olivia, 11, and two children from a previous marriage with Kristen Richard, son Luke, 22, and twins, 20. There is Grace of and Isabel – naming his new bride his “absolute rock” and the key to his survival.

He continued, “Anna, you have been my absolute rock for the last 14 years. Let me be clear, I wouldn’t have survived without you.

“I’m so proud that we’ve become this couple. We’ve worked really hard. We’re so glad we did it. I love you dearly. , always here for you and our family.”

Lance, also robbed of an Olympic medal, also praised his “best buds”, actor Chad Mountain and photographer Liz Kreutz, for capturing a romantic day.

He added:

“And a big thank you to @lizkreutz for making sure we captured these beautiful memories. Hope you’re all having a great summer.

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