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Came back! At the start of the 2019 Wake Forest game, Lunchhe saw Pail walk off the field with Budd. He hoped he hadn’t lost his temper, but there’s no denying that the defense had some serious ups and downs after that game.

When Brent Pry came back, I think JC and PP stuck, but it became clear that something was missing in the picture. Guess what it was. Don’t make multiple guesses.

All Hokies welcome LPD. Now the maroon lunch pail has to dig her jacket out of the storage closet. Thank you Coach Pry for reviving the icon of hard work and attitude on the field.

Dax takes us on tour

Grant Wells in the spotlight

Could this be a hint for the future? I wouldn’t make these unless someone was seriously paying attention to them. And the rumors are strong enough that the commission thinks this crime will swing it.

Another watchlist, this time on LPD

Dax and Tizzy are the center of attention for the Senior Bowl invites, which means next-level attention. Everyone, please concentrate.

Attention coaches and staff

Don’t get any ideas there, Mike. Please wait.

Women’s soccer

The women’s soccer season has already begun, with the Hokies playing their third game against the Delaware Blue Hens, also trailing 1-0-1. The Hawkeyes are now 2-0-1.

Congratulations on your great start!

Here are just a few highlights from his first goal of the season.

Men’s soccer also started

This time it was a little disappointing result that Grand Canyon did it once in the second half when trying to put something in the goal with Tech Search. It’s going to be a tough start without some real “friendliness” as a game speed warm-up. UCLA is next, so the level of the competition will go up.

This week’s review. He is seven days away from kick-off in Norfolk. The podcast will be up by tomorrow so we’ll talk about that and more.

As usual!

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