Lawyer says shared photo of Kobe Bryant’s remains is ‘virtual gossip’

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A systemic “culture of callousness” has led Los Angeles County lawmakers and firefighters to defend Lakers star Kobe Bryant and others in the 2020 helicopter crash that killed his 13-year-old star. began taking and sharing photographs of the bodies of victims of An attorney for Bryant’s widow told jurors Wednesday about his aging daughter and seven others.

Vanessa Bryant’s attorney, Louis Lee, told jurors in her opening statement in U.S. District Court in her invasion of privacy trial against the county that the cell phone photos taken by the attorney and the fire chief at the crash site were It was “visual gossip” and “laughter” and had no official purpose.

“They were shared by lawmakers playing video games,” Lee said. “They were repeatedly shared with people who had no reason to receive them.”

County attorneys defended taking pictures as an essential tool for first responders seeking to share information.Los Angeles.

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