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Pursuant to Chapter 1, Title 39, Alabama Code, 1975 Amendment, the contractor, Advanced Heating & Air, LLC. Selma City Schools Package A requested a final settlement of the agreement in Selma, Alabama on behalf of the State of Alabama and owner Dallas County.All persons making labor, material or other claims in connection with this project must be notified immediately

Lathan Associates Architects, PC 300 Chase Park S, Unit 200 Hoover, AL 35244

Advanced Heating and Air, LLC


554 Hoggle Road Selma, Alabama 36701 United States

work address

Selma Sun

August 4, 11, 18, 25, 2022

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legal notice

Pursuant to Chapter 1, Title 39, Alabama Code, 1975, Steward Construction Company, Inc. (Contractor) is hereby notified.

The Contractor has completed the contract for the renovation (construction, reconstruction, modification, installation or improvement) of the Act of Care Funded Management Office and Site Office located in Selma for the Selma Housing Authority, Owner, I requested final payment. of the contract. All persons with labor, material, or other claims related to this project must notify The Architectural Office of William J. Peek, 908 S. Hull Street, Montgomery, AL 36104 immediately.

Steward Construction Company, Inc.

3007 Citizens Parkway, Selma, AL 36701


Selma Sun

August 4, 11, 18, 25, 2022

legal notice


probate court

Dallas County:

Reuben P. Pickens, Jr., Notice to Creditors of Deceased Estate.

A letter of testimony to the fact that the property of the decedent was granted to the signatory on the On July 1, 2022, by Mr. Jimmy L. Nunn, Probate Judge, Dallas County, Alabama, all persons who have a claim to the above property shall be duly sworn to the same by law. Failure to access the county within the time allowed will result in a permanent ban on the same.

sherry laine pickens smith

personal representative

Fred McCormick, III Attorney PO Box 895 Selma, Al 36702-0895 (334) 875-7605

Individual representative attorney

Thelma Sun August 11, 18 and 25, 2022

Dallas County Probate Court in Alabama on Matter of Dead Jimmy Richardson


TO: Annie Hatcher 956 East 186th Street Cleveland, OH 44122 Samuel Richardson 1790 Armory Drive #E7 Utica, NY 13501 Lakeisha Crittenden 311 McDonald Avenue Selma, AL 36701 Dorothy Jones 954 Belle rive Drive Selma, AL 36701 Catherine England 1532 County Road 165 Orrville,win AL 36767 Jimmie Richardson Road God1 NC 28344 Janice Richardson 554 3rd Avenue Troy, NY 12182

Brenda McFadden 2604 Taylor Road Cayce, SC 29033

Ann Richardson c/o Danny Crenshaw 1425 JL Chesnut Blvd Selma, AL 36703

Note that petitioner Marie Lawson has filed a motion for final settlement with respect to the estate of deceased Jimmy Richardson to the aforementioned probate court.

Also note that the probate court has specified 1:00 pm on the On September 1, 2022, you may appear in court at that time to hear such petition and oppose such petition as you see fit.

GIVEN UNDER MY HAND on this the 8th Day of August 2022.

Jimmy L. Nunn

Dallas County Probate Judge

Jennifer Cornwell


PO Box 242861

Montgomery, Alabama 36124 Petitioner’s Attorney

Selma Sun
August 11, 18, 25 and September 1, 2022

Mortgage Foreclosure Sale. By certain mortgages executed by Kelvin J. Jackson, an unmarried man who originally supported Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. acting solely as Countrywide Home Loans nominee Mortgage in default in payment of guaranteed debts recorded in RLPY Book 1325 p. The undersigned US Bank Trust National Association, in no capacity as an individual, is included in such mortgage only as an owner-trustee of the RCF 2 Acquisition Trust, as the mortgagee/assignee, as the US Bank Trust National Association. under and by virtue of its right to sell. will declare all rights, title and interest in the following real property located in Dallas County, Alabama in front of the front doors of the Courthouse located in Selma, Dallas County, Alabama, during legal sales hours on September 21, 2022. and Interest: According to the West End Land Company map recorded in Map Book 1, Lot 22 of Block 14, Page 93 of the Addendum to Selma, Dallas County Probate, Alabama, more specifically: is described as Fifty feet north from there along the eastern edge of Yonge Street. From there head straight east to the alley at 101 feet 5 inches parallel to Parkman Avenue. From there, head south along that alley, 50 feet parallel to Yonge Street. From there head straight west and parallel to Parkman Avenue at 101 feet 5 inches to the east end of Yonge Street where it starts. The property is known as 418 Yonge Street, Selma, Dallas County, Alabama. Subject to the existing Sanitary Sewer Easement of the City of Selma under the terms of a specific Sewerage Agreement entered into by the West End Land Company with the City of Selma on November 17, 1921. Property Address for Informational Purposes: 418 Young St , Selma, AL 36701. Sold subject to the right of redemption of all entitled parties. Alabama law gives some persons with an interest in the property the right to redeem the property under certain circumstances. There may also be programs that help people avoid or delay the foreclosure process. As part of the foreclosure process, you should consult an attorney to understand these rights and programs. The sale is being made for the purpose of paying the debt secured by the mortgage and the costs of the foreclosure. The winning bidder will be required to pay a non-refundable security deposit of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) in qualifying funds payable to Tiffany & Bosco, Pennsylvania at the time of sale. The balance of the purchase price and deed record fees and transfer taxes must be paid in authorized funds by noon on the next business day at Tiffany & Bosco, Pennsylvania, at the address indicated below. Tiffany & Bosco, PA reserves the right to allow the next highest bidder to bid if the highest bidder fails to pay the total amount on time. The mortgagee/transferee reserves the right to bid on and purchase the property and credit the purchase price against the costs of sale and any debt secured by the property. This sale may be postponed or canceled. US Bank Trust National Association, not in its personal capacity, but solely as owner trustee of RCF 2 Acquisition Trust, US Bank Trust National Association (“Assignee”) Tiffany & Bosco, PA, 2311 Highland Avenue South, Suite 330 , Birmingham, AL 35205

Selma Sun
August 25, September 1 and 8, 2022

Pursuant to Chapter 1, Title 39, Alabama Code, 1975 Amendment, Contractor Frasier-Ousley Construction and Engineering, Inc. Completes Contract for Bathroom Renovations and Modifications – George C.’s Masonry Shop I will notify you here. It is the owner of Wallace Community College in Selma, Alabama and is seeking final settlement of the agreement. All persons with labor, material or other claims related to this project must notify Goodwyn Mills and Cawood, 2660 EastChase Lane, Suite 200, Montgomery, AL 36117 immediately.

Frasier-Ousley Construction and Engineering, Inc.

1105 Singleton Drive

Selma, Alabama 36701

Selma Sun

August 18, 25, September 1, 8, 2022

legal notice

Notice to Creditors of the Estate of the Late Charles Thomas Mills Jr. A letter signed by Dallas County Probate Judge Jimmy L. Nunn, Alabama on August 9, 2022 certifying that the estate of the decedent has been granted to her Myrtice Howell Mills is hereby notified. The above property must be duly sworn in and presented to the county’s probate court within the hours permitted by law. Otherwise, you will be permanently banned.

charles H. sims
PO Box
Selma Al 36702

Selma Sun

September 1, August 18 and 25, 2022

Notice of Public Hearing

The Dallas County Commission will hold a hearing on September 12, 2022 at the Dallas County Commission Chamber, 102 Church Street, Selma, AL 36702 to review the Tow Rotation Policy as implemented by the Dallas County E-911 Commission. We are going to discuss hiring. To equitably rotate calls to licensed tow companies and providers that meet the standards and requirements set forth in the Draft Tow Rotation Policy at the request of the Dallas County Sheriff and Dallas County Sheriff’s Department personnel As, to dispatch a tow truck.

The county is interested in getting all citizens’ input on proposed policies. For more information or if you have special hearing needs, please contact County Administrator Barbara Harrell at (334) 874-2560.

Jimmy L. Nunn

Dallas County Commissioner

Selma Sun

August 25, September 1 and 8, 2022

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