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If her bid to become the next Conservative Party leader succeeds, Liz Truss will ‘turbocharge’ the economy by introducing a series of rapid tax cuts and slashing European Union trade restrictions. has a plan. His supporters say Mr Truss will try to put more money in people’s pockets by lowering tax burdens and curbing soaring energy costs. He said:

Jayawardena worked with Truss after being appointed Minister of International Trade in May 2020.

Jayawardena continued on Talk TV.

“From reducing household bills by suspending utility bills, to tax cuts by stopping corporate tax increases, to the reversal of the new National Insurance tax.

“This is the way our country should move forward. That’s how we grow our economy – you can’t tax the way to growth.”

Rising energy costs, which are at the center of the Tory leadership race, are decimating household funds across the country.

Energy price caps are expected to rise to a staggering £3,592 this fall, according to energy industry analyst group Cornwall Insight, leaving thousands of people short of fuel as winter approaches. There is a risk of falling.

Mr Truss said: “I can assure people that we will do everything we can to help them get through this winter with affordable energy.”

She doesn’t rule out introducing new subsidies to cover fuel costs, but says, “My priority is to take money away from people and not give it back to them later.” Added.

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