Local businesses continue to feel positive about the economy


Holyoke’s Green Center receives $5 million to expand

Member universities of the Massachusetts Green High-Performance Computing Center have invested more than $5 million to expand the capacity of the Holyoke Center and support cutting-edge research at sponsor institutions. The project adds thousands of new servers to its 90,000 square foot center. University sponsors include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Boston University, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts. The new computing infrastructure is powered almost entirely by “clean energy” sources, such as local hydroelectric and solar power plants operated by Hollyoke Gas and Electric. The computing center was developed through a partnership between the university, the State of Massachusetts, and technology companies Cisco and Dell EMC. — John Chest

real estate

Marcus Partners closes fund

Boston-based real estate firm Marcus Partners announced Tuesday that it has closed a $650 million fund. The company declined to name the investor. However, its investor base is primarily institutional, consisting of endowments, foundations and pension plans. In recent years, Marcus has focused on developing industrial facilities, multi-family homes, and Life Science facilities in Boston, New York, and Washington, DC. His local projects include his future Gingko Bioworks headquarters in Seaport, Boston, and his three ground-up industrial projects. in Taunton, Franklin and Harbor Hill. The company recently sold its industrial portfolio of four buildings at 192 Mansfield Avenue in Norton, 100 Adams Road in Clinton, 132 Campanelli Drive and 1010 West Chestnut Street in Brockton to GCP/Modlo. sold for dollars. Marcus’ recently closed fund has exceeded his initial $500 million funding target by more than $150 million. Marcus Partners founder and CEO Paul Marcus said in a statement: The company owns, operates or develops over 6 million square feet of real estate and his 1,300 apartments. — Catherine Carlock


Lufthansa pilots call off strike

The union representing Lufthansa pilots has called off a planned two-day strike on Tuesday after reaching a last-minute agreement with Germany’s biggest airline over a wage dispute. It was the second strike in a week after pilots went on strike Friday, canceling hundreds of flights. I guess. It was not immediately clear what the agreement meant. The Vereinigung Cockpit calls for his 5.5% hike in members this year and his 8.2% hike in 2023 to keep inflation down. The pilot is also exploring new pay and holiday structures. — Associated Press


Bed Bath & Beyond Appoints Interim Financial Officer

Bed Bath & Beyond promoted its chief accounting officer to interim chief financial officer following the death of former financial officer Gustavo Arnal. Her vice president and chief accounting officer, Laura Crossen, has assumed the role, BedBath & Beyond said in a statement Tuesday. She will continue to serve as the Chief Accounting Officer. His former CFO, Arnal, died on Sept. 2 after falling from a Manhattan skyscraper. — Bloomberg News


EU blocks GRAIL takeover

The European Union’s antitrust watchdog announced Tuesday that it will block biotech giant Illumina’s takeover of cancer-testing company GRAIL. This is a rare move by European regulators against his two US companies. Illumina is a leading supplier of next-generation sequencing (NGS) systems for genetic and genomic analysis, and GRAIL is a health company developing blood tests that attempt early detection of cancer. Illumina announced that in 2020 he will acquire GRAIL for his $8 billion. However, the European Commission, which regulates competition issues, said the acquisition would allow Illumina to “allow and incentivize his GRAIL rivals, who rely on Illumina technology, to eliminate access to essential inputs.” would have given You have to develop and sell your own tests. — Related Press

Social media

SPAC merger with Trump hits a dead end

The future of former President Donald Trump’s social media platforms is that the cash-rich companies that wanted to merge need a few more days to extend the closing deadline to win shareholder support on Tuesday. Digital World Acquisition had scheduled a meeting on Tuesday to announce the results of a shareholder vote to extend the deadline for completing the merger by another year. Shortly after the conference began, however, Digital World CEO Patrick Orlando announced that the conference would be postponed to Thursday to give investors more time to vote. If the Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) fails to get his 65% approval of shareholders, it will be forced into liquidation, returning about $300 million raised in its September initial public offering to shareholders. The liquidation also means that the roughly 30 hedge funds that have pledged to provide $1 billion in additional funding will not need to have that cash on hand. – New York Times


Swiss company says it has an eco-friendly alternative to coffee capsules

Swiss retailer Migros announced Tuesday it will launch a coffee maker system designed to replace capsules that generate thousands of tons of waste around the world each year. According to the cooperative, the spherical capsules, dubbed “coffee balls,” are fully compostable, unlike the plastic and aluminum containers popularized by rival Nestlé under the Nespresso brand 36 years ago. Migros says its coffee balls are encased in a thin, flavorless seaweed-based cover that can be thrown out with the coffee after use. According to the company, the CoffeeB system, which also features a special coffee maker, will be rolled out first in Switzerland and France this year, followed by Germany in 2023. — ASSOCIATED PRESS

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