Local Veteran Opens Food Truck

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — You may have heard the Marine Corps motto, “semper fi,” but what about Semper Fries?

This is a new food truck business opened by a local Khan County hero.

The food truck is run by a Marine Corps veteran, his partner, his son, and his best friend. We provide gourmet comfort food for hungry guests.

The food truck’s most distinctive feature is its name, Semper Fries.

“The Marine Corps motto is Semper Fi, Latin for ‘Always Faithful,’” said Melvin Lee, owner of Semper Fries. “Semper Fries is short, sweet and to the point.”

Melvin returned from eight years on the job, and the food truck wasn’t the first idea he came up with. He juggled multiple jobs and returned to college. It’s all about finding the right fit.

At some point, he started a shaved ice business with his older brother, but that wasn’t the case yet.

“Any hot meal that’s really good makes you feel good,” Lee said. Stay hungry in whatever you do. “

Semper Fries is a combination of all parts of Melvin’s life. His family, his passion for business, his bond with the military.

Dick Taylor, Khan’s Patriots president, said: “I think veterans need to feel right in their own skin. I mean be you.”

The shop offers gourmet fries, mac and cheese, funnel cakes, and tri-tip sandwiches. All the tracks are hands-on decks. Everyone has a job, even Melvin’s 16-year-old son-in-law.

“I always thought my first job would be In-N-Out or something. I think it would be even better with my family. said Franklin Cardoza, son of

Customers say that not only is the food delicious, but they are happy to be able to support veterans.

Semper Fries customer Jessica Evaro said:

Melvin’s next event is at Minghu this Saturday for a custom car show in support of Autism Awareness.

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