Looking for local foodie gems? Join these New Jersey-based Facebook groups

what’s for dinner Or are you simply tired of being asked that question? Food-focused Facebook groups quickly give you plenty of options when you’re learning the nuances.

What’s on your plate! The Facebook group has countless New Jersey-themed subgroups offering “food porn,” such as this shot of pasta carbonara. Photo credit: What’s On Your Plate!

Offers the highest return rate for every click, what’s on your plate! There are countless New Jersey-themed subgroups and topics within it.Founded six years ago by Joe Grasso, the page is for members to literally share aesthetically pleasing shots of what’s actually on their plate. , provides the best ‘food porn’. Photos can be taken from ‘kitchen, fair, market, street or favorite restaurant’. The world of WOYP! is “a place where you can share your passion for food on a page and not find politics or negative comments.” Services range from listing events to sharing recipes. And Grasso said the group has only grown as members have “stayed home and shown more home cooking” since the pandemic began. We also allow you to post to help.”

Click here to join the group.

The Wednesday Warriors Food Tour Crew is launching in early 2021 and defines itself as “a bunch of guys” traveling to “support little guys and try all kinds of food.”Photo credit: Wednesday Warriors Food Tour Crew

An interesting offshoot of WOYP! Wednesday Warriors Food Tour Crew will launch in early 2021 and is defined as “lots of guys” traveling to “support little guys and try all kinds of food.” Started by four of his pals who like to roam New Jersey and surrounding areas (from Philadelphia to Connecticut) every Wednesday, they sample specialty dishes and pizza. To be clear, “we make 60% of his pizzas,” said manager Tom Fornicola. The group was created as a direct response to the pandemic, with the Warriors striving to “support and promote small businesses.” This is done by giving away free food every Wednesday, along with weekly contests and prizes. (Just recently, an air flyer was gifted to one of her lucky winners.) And the numbers don’t lie — despite being a newborn, membership now stands at nearly 6,000.

Visit this link and become a Wednesday Warrior.

With multiple locations in New Jersey, the Brownstone Pancake Factory is a hot spot among members of the New Jersey Food Facebook group. And for good reason.Photo courtesy of New Jersey Food

Another group that has helped both foodies and small businesses, new jerseyserves all Garden State neighborhoods. New Jersey Food offers restaurant reviews, recipes, and just about anything related to New Jersey food. Created in January 2021 by Staten Island-based “food influencer” Brendon Valentin, the restaurant-focused group says it’s “trying to keep businesses open, especially during the pandemic.” It was created with the purpose of And it’s done in such a delicious and photo-intensive way that it’s certainly worth a look.

Join us here and start eating around the state.

The New Jersey VegFest Facebook Group is a community of vegan foods and products worth trying.Photo courtesy of New Jersey Vegfest

And finally, an often-underserved niche in the foodie realm is the vegan community.New Jersey Vegan Food Festival aka new jersey vegfest, was created in 2015 by the people behind theveganlocal.com and is here to fill that void. With a mission to “bring together vegan-friendly foods, products, and nonprofits to make New Jersey a place where people are more caring, healthier, and happier,” VegFest has taken the state by storm and become a “vegan world It is even called the epicenter. East Coast” by press. Not surprisingly, as the source (and organizer) of vegan festivals throughout New Jersey (and beyond), its events have taken place in Atlantic City, the Meadowlands, and now extend to Washington, DC. We haven’t given up on cheese yet — co-owner and nutritionist Marisa Sweeney said Vegefest events “welcome vegans, vegetarians, people interested in veg, and friends of all kinds.”

Click here to connect with fellow vegan foodies.

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