Low Humidity Sun, Clouds Start Workday on Long Island

now: The wonderful weather from the weekend continues today! Mostly sunny skies, comfortable humidity levels, and mild to warm temperatures are forecast.

Next: The chance of rain this week has become less likely on Wednesday. However, there is a higher chance of rain this past weekend. So much to see!

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Addison Green Sun and clouds are expected today with highs near 80 degrees.

today: Mostly clear skies with gradually increasing cloud cover this afternoon with comfortable humidity levels. Best: Late 80’s. Lowest: Mid 60’s.

Tuesday: The afternoon is mostly cloudy, with the sun and clouds intermingling. Very little rain is possible, but nothing to worry about. Highs: Late 70’s to late 80’s. Lowest: Mid 60’s.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of light rain in the afternoon. Coastal storms are heading further south and east from Long Island, missing the area. Highest: late 70’s. Lowest: Mid 60’s.

Thursday: Cloudy and sometimes sunny, but still pretty fun. Best: Late 80’s. Lowest: Mid 60’s.

Friday: Partly cloudy and slightly humid. Highs: Mid 80’s to lows. Low: Late 60’s to early 70’s.

weekend: Mostly cloudy on Saturday, with a chance of rain on Sunday. Best: Mid 80’s. Lowest: Late 70’s.

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