Low-income Kansasians face housing problems, legal crisis

Over the last few years, we have come to realize that our lives can change rapidly. Job loss, sudden medical bills, and even natural disasters can strike without notice. The economic impact of the pandemic is making low-income people even leaner.

For people without a financial safety net, both here in Kansas and across the country, problems like this can have a domino effect, leaving families without a roof over their heads.

Civil legal aid providers are the first responders families can turn to for help. Whether it’s fighting wrongful evictions and foreclosures, obtaining protection orders, obtaining benefits or unpaid wages, accessing health care, or dealing with debt collection or fraud, legal aid providers can help lower-income people reach justice. It makes a huge difference in your ability to access it.

Ronald Flagg

According to the Justice Gap Report recently released by the Legal Services Corporation last year, low-income Americans received no or inadequate legal assistance for 92% of their civil litigation matters. 74% of low-income households nationwide face at least one civil litigation issue of hers, up from pre-pandemic numbers.

This report outlines the growing legal needs of low-income Americans and the ever-widening gap between those needs and the resources available to meet them. found to be one of the most serious areas of legal concern.

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