LSU School of Health Calls for Investigation of Former Chancellor

Louisiana State University faculty are calling for an investigation into former LSU Health President Larry Hollier. Larry Hollier allegedly spent lavishly on lavish dinners, top-notch travel, and luxury car service, all of which he allegedly received funding from the LSU Health Foundation.

The spending was shared by local media outlets WWL-TV and Times PicayuneWWL-TV now reports that the faculty wants answers and has asked the current president to investigate his predecessor, who resigned in October.

Records reviewed by the investigation found that Hollier billed the foundation more than $128,000 over three years.

The faculty, in a letter to interim president Steve Nelson calling for an investigation, called Hollier’s spending habits “clear abuse of LSU Health Foundation New Orleans funds.”

However, while the LSU Health Foundation rallied in Hollier’s defense, arguing that his expenditures from the Presidential Discretionary Fund followed proper policies and procedures, the television station issued a document outlining which items the Foundation could charge. Pointed out that it did not create the Chancellor’s account and prohibited expenses.

Faculty members criticized LSU Health’s lack of accountability and said more credible oversight was needed.

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