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VA operates the largest and most comprehensive clinical training program for social workers. VA partners with over 230 social work graduate schools and trains approximately 1,500 social work interns annually. Overall, the impact of VA on social work education influences current health care curricula, standards of clinical practice, and the expanding roles and functions of clinical social workers.

The Social Work Intern Program Co-Chair is the primary liaison for the school of social work that places master’s degree interns with social work field instructors (supervisors) at VA medical centers and community clinics. The coordinator will typically work with the school of social work to identify suitable field placements and field instructors, assist with selection through interviews and applications, and assist with the necessary paperwork. We may provide group supervision and orientation for

How to apply for field placement

Have the field placement coordinator contact the social work education coordinator at the VA facility interested in completing the internship. Your Field Placement Coordinator will provide you with an application to complete your VA Field Placement.

Scholarship Availability

Some VA facilities offer scholarships to students who complete field placements. Contact the VA Social Work Education Coordinator from your Field Placement Coordinator to confirm scholarship availability and application procedures. please.

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