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Senator John W. Mannion recently announced a total of $108,300 in awards to support legal aid organizations in downtown New York. This fund will help ensure that everyone has access to appropriate legal services regardless of income level.

Organizations Senator Mannion supports provide representation in court, immigration services, assistance to victims of domestic violence, housing, health care, employment, and other issues requiring legal guidance. is supporting

Senator John W. Mannion (SD-50) said“Access to the legal system is fundamental to our country. We appreciate.”

Senator Mannion received the following awards totaling $108,300:

  • Onondaga County Volunteer Lawyer Project $21,975
  • Central NY Legal Services $27,500
  • Mid-New York Legal Aid Society $21,975
  • Hiscok Legal Aid Society $21,975
  • Home Headquarters $14,875

Mid-New York Legal Aid Society Executive Director Paul Lupia said: “The Mid-New York Legal Aid Society (LASMNY) is very grateful that Senator Mannion won a $21,975 award to support LASMNY’s operating expenses in Onondaga and Oswego counties. These funds These funds are used to support staff who provide legal services that affect the essentials of life: protection against domestic violence;prevention of eviction;prevention of foreclosure;securing Social Security disability benefits. comes to us at a time of heightened need for our services and is highly regarded by our board, staff and most importantly, the client communities we serve. “

said Gregory W. Dewan, executive director, president and CEO of the Frank H. Hiscock Legal Aid Society. “We are grateful to Senator Mannion for the funding he has given to our agency and are grateful for the positive impact that free legal representation has on our community. It will improve our ability to stabilize and maintain family relationships and finances, prevent homelessness and support domestic violence survivors.”

Kerry Quaglia, CEO of Home HeadQuarters, said: “Home HeadQuarters has served more than 100 homes with mortgage delinquencies in the past two years as a result of the pandemic. Preventing foreclosures can help entire neighborhoods by limiting vacant homes that often end up deadlocked and driving down property values ​​around them. We thank Senator Mannion for his continued support of our show.”

Sally Curran, Executive Director, Volunteer Lawyers Project at CNY, Inc. “Senator Mannion’s leadership in ensuring that people in need of the renminbi have free legal assistance is highly commendable. Volunteer Lawyers Project expands access to legal assistance for arrivals from Afghanistan and Ukraine, provides tenant protection from eviction, ensures LGBT rights are upheld, and is accessible to veterans Legal assistance, communities removing legal barriers to economic justice, etc. VLPCNY is very grateful.”

Executive Director of Legal Services Central New YorkDennis Kaufman said: “Central New York Legal Services is extremely grateful to Senator Mannion for the funds he has provided to support our mission. , is providing lawyers to help ensure the essentials of life such as family safety.The funds secured by Senator Mannion will help those with these critical needs even more as our community begins to emerge from COVID. It helps a lot of people.”

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