Map the Meal Gap shows food insecurity across the Texas Panhandle, USA

Feeding America has published a map of the 12 Dietary Gap Year. Food insecurity exists in all 3,143 counties and national equivalents, as well as all 50 states and 436 congressional districts in the District of Columbia, according to a study by Feeding America.

According to a news release, Map the Meal Gap is the only study to estimate food insecurity and food costs for the entire United States at the regional level. A study published this year provides 2020 data that includes food insecurity rates for several racial groups, showing that variation can vary widely across populations and locations.

Some of the items High Plains Food Bank received from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are shown in the photographs in this file.

Feeding America is the largest hunger relief organization in the United States. It does this through a network of 200 food banks, including the High Plains Food Bank, and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs. Through this network, we feed 40 million people a year. According to Feeding America, Feeding America supports programs that prevent food waste and improve the food security faced by the people they face, while also providing education about hunger issues and issues to keep people out of hunger. advocate a law to protect

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