Marc Jacobs surprises New York Fashion Week Spring 2022

Marc Jacobs loves his runway shows, and rather than trying to simulate a show during a pandemic, he’s only launched one collection in the last two years. At least, that’s what New York Fashion Week looked like when the fall 2022 season came and went without a hint of the 51-year-old designer. But Jacobs wasn’t just playing his thumbs at home when Telfer Clemens took over Jacobs’ usual grand finale slot last Wednesday: He’s ready to release his collection in 48 hours. and made the leap to digital by simply posting to Instagram.

“We were like, ‘We’re not going to do the show until we can do it the way we show,'” Jacobs said. identification After posting a surprise carousel featuring 10 looks from the abbreviated collection. “But now me and Joseph [Carter, who is on Jacobs’s design team] and Alastair [McKimm, who styled the looks] I decided to make clothes. And we were going to photograph them. They were also trying to break with tradition and look back at his previous collections rather than move on to something completely different. continued Jacobs. “But I feel like we’re in a period where what feels right is evolving. I’m going to change my ways and see how it goes, and I feel really good about it.”

Jacobs is an avid Instagram user and I highly recommend following him. Little did they know when they tagged him in a throwback.For example, fans who were reminiscing about Lady Gaga’s dramatic hair and makeup at the Fall 2016 Gothic show said their But for the most part, the design team’s “appropriation and recontextualization” of its own history focused on Jacobs’ vision for Spring 2022. . .

With the word “elevate” in mind, they took things up a notch. “That’s what we do with these pictures: hair and makeup, casting and clothing,” Jacobs said. It made no difference whether it was enzyme and acid washed denim or five pairs of reconstructed cargo pants. Look out for the dramatic puffer gown she wore and the giant denim skirt worn by Gigi and Bella Hadid.

It might not be obvious from the supersized silhouette, but Jacobs isn’t asking, “Do people want to wear it?” When attending a fashion week show. “I wonder if this is what fashion people want to see,” he said. “Of course, if it’s something I want to see, it’s something I want to wear. And if I do my thing and someone wears it and it becomes part of their story, I really want Judging by his Instagram comments, he certainly did, “10 is GAGGGGGGGG,” much to the final blanket-like look seen on Anok Yai below. Read one of the reactions of

Amy Troost by Marc Jacobs

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